Friday, October 16, 2015

Stoney's eyes go to the sleeping nanny as soon as he steps through the door. Pandora and Ob are close on his heels and he hears her exasperated sigh. Ob's mind touches his, a smile that he quickly hides from the children. 

Chloe's work.

The gargoyle nods to his brother and settles on the floor by the bed. Gracie slips from the bed to his lap. She snuggles into his arms, biting her lower lip. "We in trouble?"

Stoney kisses the top of her head and holds her close. "Non. But next time don't hide your thougths from us."

She nods solemnly. "Oui Papa."

Chloe slips from the bed. Her dragon perches on her choulder, rubbing its scaled head along her cheek. She approaches her parents slowly, Teri tottering in her wake. He takes his sisters hand and pulls himself up proudly. She smiles at her little brother, then licks her lips and looks up at Pandora's face. her parents are tough to read, but Stoney can feel their pride, mixed with concern.

Ob kneels on the floor before his children. Chloe tries to pull Teri behind her, but the little boy stands his ground, staring at his parent. He speaks slowly, stumbling over the words he wants everyone to hear.

"Kohee do good, She make Nanna go seep."

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