Saturday, October 17, 2015

The wingless demifae grips the tip of one of the horn buds gracing Kaltero's forehead. He watches as the little boy turns the dead fly over. The child slides a fingernail carefully along the fly's back and the wing seperates from the carcass with no damage. After removing the second wing in the same way, Teri lays them aside and waits for more direction.

The small man uses magic to make his voice heard to the young Gargoyle. "That leaves the wings useful to my kind. They can be..." He pauses,seeking a words to make the little boy understand.
"They can fix someone of my kind who got hurt bad. They can help them fly again."

Teri looks up at his sister. Chloe is working a small spell to help a flower grow faster. "Weebit didn get some."

Chloe looks up. "Weebit didn't want them. She wanted hers to work."

Teri frowns. The demifae taps a foot on the little boy's head and Teri turns his attention back to the little man.

"Weebit is the reason we can do this now. Her work with the Seelie have made big advances. So many who would be grounded, or even die, can now regain..." The demifae pauses and sighs. "Weebit helped helped make this possible. I don't know how to explain..."

Teri grins and puts the dead fly in a tissue. He crushes it, giggling at the sound. Chloe shakes her head. "Throw it away Teri. Don't play with dead stuff."

The boy drops the tissue in the trash. "Why not?"

"It's bad to make magic with dead things"

Teri looks at his sister. "Why?"

The bud finally starts to open and Chloe puts her chin in her hands, turning her attention to her younger brother. "I don't know."

The demifae taps his foot again and Teri tilts his head up, nearly dislodging the little man. "Easy..." he scrambles to regain his balance. "Anyway... the roots of a butterfly's wings are even easier to work with magic. So are dragonfly and moth wings."

Teri grins. "I catch some for next time."

"No, No! Killing them is not a good thing! it is better to find one that has passed away naturally. Otherwise their death is violent and the magic gets twisted."

Teri sighs. "K. No catchin... maybe Mama knows where butterflies go when they dies."

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