Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Dark Lord sits back and listens, quietly. Stoney is silent as well, although there is a hardening around his eyes, a greyness that only those in the know would recognize as a full-blooded Gargoyle's first stirring of rage. His wife has gone pale, sickly pale. Keon watches her, wondering idly if her edges were blurring into the ghostly, or if it was the loss of her etherial glow that is causing the effect.

Obsidian's jewel-toned hair is glittering, the multi-tones sparking as his rage builds. As he stalks the room, unintelligble words escape his lips. His hands flex, and the sheen attracts his attention. Pausing, he breathes deep, exhaling harshly. Pandora moves gracefully to his side. Magic flows in her wake, her own anger coalescing around her like a cloak. She touches his hand and Ob turns ice cold ice-blue eyes in her direction. She stokes a hand along his scaling flesh, and smiles. Her eyes snap with their shared fury. 

Pandora turns her gaze on Keon. He suppresses a shudder. Her expression is not something he has ever expected to marr her features. There is a haughtiness, a coldness, that rivals the Queen of the Dark Court at her most dangerous.

"Your privacy spell is strong. I've cast too, with Ob's channeling the spell. I don't think that.... Creature... will be able to hear us." She turns to Alise. "The girls will not be in any danger. They won't be going anywhere near the planned zone. Animated dolls will instead." 

Ike nods, a slow smile twisting her lips. "A Golem spell..." A low thread of laughter drifts through the room. Ike looks at her sister. "How close to the Pygmalion spell would it be?"

Tori still laughs, "Close enough I can teach it to both of you. Also," She grins harder. "ironic. Alise was brought back by it. Hopefully that bitch will be destroyed by it." 

She grins at the group. "Here's what we need, each bairn will need a clay charm to wear, something that can be spelled to... to record them as they play. When put on the Golem, it will help make the thing more convincing." She looks at the assembled mothers, capturing all three in a wickedly conspiritorial gaze. "Sturdy playclothes that you won't mind being destroyed.. They will be the kind you would dress them in for an outing like we planned. In fact, the Golems will be dressed in them. The only two that we won't make Golems for are Tomi and Ru, but we will have safeguards in place for them."

They begin to make plans for the deception, volatile emotions held barely in check, but turned to creativity instead of destruction. Erik and Star listen closely, adding their own thoughts to the discussion. Keon hides a smile, glad his daughter would not be in the midst of a battle. He reviews his own plans to hide the children's energy and hiding place from the Drow, with Wish and Pike's help.

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