Sunday, October 18, 2015

I am myself again.

It has been long since a necessary adjustment to a battle plan caused me such anxiety. Perhaps it was overdue. I should have remembered the maxim, "No battle plan survives the first engagement."

I strain my eyes, but Dragon, Phoenix and Raven are too high for my vision to follow. Fox serves as our eyes on the ground. Dragon and Phoenix serve as a second wave if such is needed, or they can pick off stragglers if necessary. All is in readiness. I repeat it to myself like a mantra and after a time I even begin to believe it.

There is an upper limit to how many troops can be Gated in, and I think Ardara must be very near that limit. I have counted some forty-five soldiers, three officers, one toady, and Ardara herself. These figures agree with those provided by our other scouts. They have formed up in orderly ranks, awaiting orders - all the better for our plan.

The clearing they have chosen - though at our instigation, did they but know it - is bounded on three sides by a hawthorne hedge, some six or seven feet in height and thickly overgrown. The fourth side is where they have erected their Gate. There is room for no more than three men to pass at once. Circumstances are as nearly perfect as even I could wish.

I scan once more, carefully, to insure that none of the Fae - other than the Dark Ones - are within the area. Keon, Gareth and K'thyri will have to be content behind the lines....

I draw my blade with an audible rasp and give the order. "Fire!"

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