Saturday, October 17, 2015

Drai walks over to Tomas who is slowly shifting back to his human form and kneels in front of him and Teri, placing a hand on each of the boys shoulders.

“Good job, both of you. Never let those blue bastards take you willingly. Next time I might not be close enough to help...”

The boys nod, expressions serious. As Drai stands, Tomas sees his mother hurriedly approach and the worried anxious look on her face.


Stoney turns in time to see Alise go pale at the sight of the dead Drow and her son covered in blood. She stops and takes a deep breath.

“Bring me my son...” Alise demands and when the men hesitate she adds, “Now!”

Stoney turns to her, “Chaton...”

“Do not dare tell me to be calm...”

Sensing an imminent explosion from the small human Drai tries to calm her. “Your son has proved himself a warrior...”

Alise stomps her foot, her temper getting the best of her. “I am proud of my son but he is six years old. And the one that bitch really wants is barely over three. I will not tolerate this, something must be done...”

The rest of the conversation took place in rapid-fire French. It was obvious that Alise was as angry as she had ever been and Stoney didnt have much luck in calming her down. When she was finished she daintily stepped over the dead Drow and picked up Teri and took Tomas' hand.

“The boys need to bathe and I want this... this filth taken away.... far away.”

The men watch as she heads back to the house. Ob whistles, “Mon fluer is a fierce mother, maybe we should let her fight the Drow...”

Drai grins at the comment and Stoney pulls out his cell to let Erik and Keon know of the incident. The children would need to be watched even more closely, especially Ruarc.

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