Friday, October 16, 2015

Things are explained to Nanny. She takes it a lot better than anyone expects. The young Were presses her lips together, supressing her anger. Her energy swells, building quickly, then suddenly deflates. She blinks quickly and her amber eyes deepen to a rich brown, betraying how close she was to changing upon waking. It reveals something about the young woman's inner strength, yet confirms the trust of the parents in the room.

She tries to speak, emitting a growl first then, after clearing her throat, a question. "So... then Guunnar is going to be ok?"

Ob blinks. It isn't what he would have thought would be her first remarks. 

"Si. He is being treated, but is doing well."

The girl nods, then holds her hand out to Chloe. The little girl approaches slowly. 

"You aren't mad?" When Nanny shakes her head, Chloe takes her hand and moves closer. "Let me tell you a story..." Chloe climbs into her lap and the other children seem to relax. "When I was little, my older brother went through his first change. I watched him in secret." She makes a face, "Then I tried to do what he did. Only I didn't have any Elder to help me. I got stuck, and I couldn't change back. My brother found me and howled for others. I was ashamed. I wasn't human, I wasn't wolf. I wasn't even the half mix that the movies show. I was in so much pain that I blacked out after they helped me turn back." She hugs Chloe. "Trust me, being asleep was better than having my bones all the wrong way and being stuck that way." She kisses the top of Chloe's curls in an affectionate gesture and whispers, even though she knows everyone in the room can hear. "I kinda feel like Sleeping Beauty." She laughs. "Do you know where my Prince is?"

Chloe hugs her tight. "You are not mad."

"No. But you need to remember Chloe. Magick, of any type, is complex. You need to be able to undo as well as do. Sometimes innocent people get caught, sometimes it could be yourself. Sometimes, even someone very close to you." She looks around the room. "All your parents are Warriors. They love you, they do their best to protect you... but sometimes people get hurt. It is part of their lives. It is part of yours, same as it is part of mine. Next time something bad happens, tell me. Don't put me to sleep, ok? I might be able to help."

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