Sunday, October 18, 2015

Keon heads through the trees to "command center". The siblings had disposal of the body well in hand. Tomi and Ru were under Wish's watchful eyes. The Dark Lord smiles grimly as he seeks traces of a communication spell. None. Damn. It was just an over eager scout.

Keon senses the anger, the pure fury, as he slips past the final trees. he leans back, watching the man pacing, no... stalking, back and forth. The Dark Lord's voice is Courtly as he adresses his friend.

"It is a good thing your control is so complete. One would think a dragon paced here. So much energy..."

The masked man turns his head slowly. "This death can unravel the whole web. We will not have such a chance as this again. If the priestess suspects..."

"Nay my friend. This scout had no spell to communicate with his fellows. I would have felt such a spell." He shakes his head. "I agree Ardara is no fool, but she is arrogant. Even if, and I do mean if in the most infinitesimal way, she were to feel the fool's death, she would think it nothing more than an idiot dying to some natural danger. They come from a world where everything is deadly. The Drow are wary of much here. And yet, they are overconfident. Have no worries, my Friend. They will come. This death will mean nothing to her or her men."

Mortuis rolls his shoulders. There is a popping as he cranes his neck, to release some tension. His hand clenches the grip of his cane as he skewers Keon with his piercing stare. "She will still come." The words are a statement, with just a touch of question.

"Absolutely." The Fae's dark eyes smoulder, flashing red. "Oh yes. She will come. The bait is too much for her to resist."

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