Friday, October 16, 2015

The following afternoon finds Ardara watching the mist clear in her scyring bowl. As the haze recedes it reveals an unfamiliar scene. A large clearing, surrounded by trees on three sides, a house in the background and children laughing and playing in the sunshine.

Ardara starts to lose her patience, anger rising after being knocked down and now this curious scene before her. Why is this shown to me? What can this have to do with the sorcerer or the magic?

She watches closely at the children playing, Tomas, Tara, Gracie and Ryan running into the clearing. Their excited chatter clear to Ardara.

Maman says Uncle Gunnar is going home soon.

I know, can you see the sorcerer Tara? You could just ask him..

I dont see him Tomi, maybe Mortuis is busy...

Ardara grins evilly as she sees Tomas take flight, just a few feet above ground, teasing his sisters.

Mortuis? The one who is rumored to watch over Exton and its inhabitants? How powerful can he be if he hides among the humans? He would be nothing compared to me, a Priestess of Lolth....

Ardara stands straight and with a snap of her fingers a small fae brings a dark purple cloak, the neck and hem embroidered with black spider figures. As she slips into it her gaze goes to two of her personal guards, large menacing looking Drow, armed with various blades.

“I imagine you two should follow... so you can do something other than hover and be annoying. Try to stay out of my way and keep up, if it isnt too much to ask of you... I would think you could guard me as I watch a few children at play...”

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