Friday, October 16, 2015

I watch silently as Rowan scrubs up following what turned out to be relatively minor surgery.

"Guunnar's a lucky man. The killer - well, almost killer - missed the kidney by a fraction of a fraction of an inch. Just a little lower and we'd have had a real problem on our hands, and Guunnar would have had a worse one - if he'd survived. As it is - "

"As it is, the assassin will not return for a second attempt, and Guunnar will recover with barely a scar. He will remain here, under my protection, until you release him. Anyone who has power enough to pass through my wards will be seriously weakened at the least, and he will find he has a fight on his hands.

It is my intention to ask the community for assistance, to watch over Guunnar until he recovers; neither you nor I can stay awake for so long, and there is no need."

"That will help. I have other patients to see to and - shame on me for having a life - I expect Marc to have some leave before too long, and I'd like to spend some time with him."

I smile beneath the mask. "It heartens me to see you reclaim your life, milady. Far too long you have postponed your own dreams for the sake of others.

I will prepare written instructions for those who are to stay with the patient, but they are simple enough... should they notice aught that causes them concern, they will tell a sylph and I will be summoned to deal with the situation."

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