Saturday, October 17, 2015

Star is smiling from ear to ear as she tells Raina about Nadia.

“Can you come over and meet her? We're almost home..”

“Dont you want some time with just your family? I can wait...” Raina asks, not wanting to intrude on the new family.

“No. Please come over. I want you and Tannr to meet her.”

An hour later finds Raina gently lifting the baby from Eriks arms and hearing her story as Tannr joins the group.

Raina shakes her head, “What an awful thing to do... thank the Gods that Marc noticed something wrong...”

Tannrs face is stormy, angry that anyone could abandon a helpless baby in the woods. He calms when he hears Tori in his mind...

It's fine now, the little one has the best home there is....I'll be there soon as I can to meet her.....

Tannr nods and takes a deep breath. He lifts Mera and kisses the side of her head. “What do you think Big Sister? You must remember her story to pass down... your families history is important...”

Mera nods solemnly, taking her Uncle Tannrs words to heart. “Can we get a message to Da? Just to let him know?”

Nodding Mya turns her eyes to Star, “Mya go to fairy tree. Leave message. Tell Mya what to say.” She flits to Star and lands on her shoulder.

“I think the message should be from Mera. It was her idea..” Star smiles at her foster daughter, amazed at how grown up she seems.

All smiles Mera thinks for a moment, then says to Mya, “This is the message, Da, a new Moon has joined the Night. She waits to meet you. Her name is Nadia...”

Mya flits up, “Mya back soon...”

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