Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Ja... Rovan say am healing *sehr gut." With a huff that puffs out his thick blonde moustache, Guunnar continues. "Ich bin hereless den a veek, yet..." The Viking looks over his shoulder. "Ve bin dun now."

He waits a few moments and the plates begin to float to a tray, then the tray floats to the door, carried by a translucent female spirit. When the door closed behind it, Guunnar sighs with relief. Dmitri hides a grin.

"It was only a sylph, Guunnar."

"Ja... ^aber... Ich know, Ich know, Voman are amazing in all dere sizes and beinks... but dese are not qvite... Dey ist nicht sexual creatures.."

The Greek Rider chuckles. "Perhaps you are just too warm blooded for them my friend. Just be glad that Sylphs are not a form of Succubi."

The giant Viking watches the door a few moments more. "Dmi... Do me sometink. Tell me if Ich bin healing vell, or ist pain hidden by magick. Silk uses sex magick to heal, und..." He shrugs. Turning, Guunnar pulls open the back of his hospital gown. Muscles ripple in his legs and butt. Dmitri licks his lips, forcing his eyes from the hard planes to the stab wound on his friend's back. He reaches out and traces the red, shiny flesh. 

"Less than a week..." He leans closer, inspecting the scar, "yet it looks like months have  passed..."

*very good.


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