Thursday, October 15, 2015

Star looks down at the teasing, and excusing herself picks up Ruarc and moves closer to Eric who was talking to Nick about the roof on the other side of the building.

She sets Ruarc down who immediately races to his father and laughs happily at being swept up and placed on his fathers strong shoulders.

Turning her gaze to the woods beyond the boundaries of the manse Stars eyes go dark and serious. She startles a bit when Keon approaches.

Keon had noticed the sudden silence and stillness in Star when the others were teasing Tannr and Tori about starting a family. He knew she cried at times when she thought no one was looking and had figured it had something to do with wanting a baby.

“An' what has captured yer attention in the trees, Lass?”

Star turns her attention back to the tree line. “Those blue ones. They are always watching, just inside the shadows, but always there.”

“Are they are the Priestess' people or those who give your their protection? Can ye tell?”

“I dont know. They never come very close...”

Keon nods and remembers Inari's warnings. “That bitch will nae get close to you or any of the bairns …  all here would give their lives for any of them.. if its the Archers, they are guarding..”

Star continues to watch the trees and Keon wonders what she really is seeing. “There is something I want to tell you. I know I do not say it often enough, but you are a beautiful mother to my Mera. I wouldna want anyone else to do the raisin' of her...well except for her own mother, but that canna be...She loves you dearly... I couldna ask for more...”

“Ohh...thank you. We love her too, I cant imagine not having her with us... I wish the circumstances could have been different...” Her attention goes back to the trees. “I wish they would leave us alone. Tychus says the prophecy will unfold as it will, no matter what they do...”

“Well, Lass, the Drow, among others, must not see it that way.” Keons words and thoughts are interrupted by a tug on his shirt.

Keon looks down to see a smiling Gracie, curls bouncing.

“Unca Keon, maman says we can have sleepover. Can Mera stay? Chloe and Ryans mommies said yes.”

Star grins and looks to Keon who nods.

“An who could say nay to such a pretty little one? Of course, she can stay Miss Gracie.”

Gracie laughs happily and returns to the group of children anxious to tell Mera.

As the group starts to head for home, Tara turns her gaze towards the trees near the manse. She gives a small smile and surreptitious wave to the dark figure watching as she follows the group into the woods.

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