Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dinner was done, plates cleared away, and surprisingly, Monty was free to have time with Kith and Kin of the Tavern. Tori's street kids had insisted on cleaning up in return for warm rooms. As warm as the Warehouse was, it was still chilly when the temperatures dipped below freezing. He sat with Ike, chatting with Family as they watched the snow fall.

Sometime during the meal, the fine snow had turned into large fluffy clusters of snowflakes. Pandora had cast a spell to turn a small portion of the front wall into a one way mirror. It worked, but not quite as expected. The group was discussing what made the spell turn the whole front wall into a window and not just a small section. The most probable reason seemed to be the possible inadvertent channeling of the casting by all four Gargoyles and their offspring.

Ob rests his arm across the back of Pandora's chair. "Mi amor, Bruha. Stop. All it has done is given us a beautiful view of the storm. It is... It is like watching a giant snowball."

Pandora frowns. He shakes his head and looks at the others. "Por favor... someone tell her."

Tori leans back laughing. "Good Lord and Lady! Pandora, look around you. People are fascinated and that isn't part of the spell. Look at the kids. Hell, look at Keon."

Keon had flipped a table on its side and piled pillows against it. More pillows were scattered on the blanket on which he sat. Leaning against the tabletop, Keon talks quietly with Eite. The woman had finally relaxed, helped by the fact that they could see out, but no one could see in. Mera lay beside her, cuddled between the pair with her head on her father's leg. The Dark Lord strokes his daughter's blueblack curls as she dozes. Gracie, Ru, and Teri are curled among the pillows, eyes nearly closed as they watched the drifting snow.

Laila sighs as she looks to the back hallway. Still no Ramji. She rises from her seat and speaks quietly to Tara and Chloe, suggesting bedtime. The girls pout, but their mothers agree and send the girls to the Nursery.

Tomas and Ryan were last seen listening to stories from Guunnar and Dmitri. Both the boys and Guunnar are missing, at least until Dmitri points out the giant's feet sticking out from behind Keon's tipped table. Laughter and smiles are difficult to suppress when they find all three fast asleep under another blanket. As the boys are lifted, Guunnar surges awake, fists raised.

Dmitri hushes the Viking. "SSSSHHHHH, *Parakaló_, Guunnar. The boys are sleeping. They are only being taken to bed."

The giant blinks several times, finally focusing on his friend. "Ach... gut... Ja, gut. I tink.. I tink must geh alzo."

"Yes my friend. You need to go to bed as well. Come, leave the boys to there family. I will get you settled for the night." Dmitri smiles at the others. "He has not slept much since..." Dmitri shakes his head. "The children have been good for him tonight." He leads the big man toward the stairs.

Guunnar follows, obviously asleep on his feet. "Dmi... tell Ram... am sorry... ^mir lied... didn't see him..." His words were mumbled but loud enough to stir worry in Laila's mind.

The children are gathered and tucked in their beds in the nursery. Nanny settles in the glider with Nadia. Star kisses the baby's nose and she smiles. When Nadia reaches for Erik, he kisses one of her small hands and tells her it is time to sleep. The baby sniffles and Erik leans close to kiss her forehead. He whispers something and the baby yawns. The adults slip from the room as Nanny sings softly to Nadia.


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