Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gracie closes her eyes. The sound of Pike's lilting voice directs her concentration. She nods when her mind is stil, when no trace of her family can be felt in her mind. The Wyldfae motions to the others and they scatter. As they find spots to stand, or hide, he taps his temple and the children still their own minds.

As Tomas flies into the upper branches of a small tree, Pike helps Teri scramble to the top of a small boulder. The little boy sprawls out, fingers and bare toes finding purchase in the natural surface of the rock. The child relaxes, breathing slowly. His skin tone and hair color alters, shifting into the varied tans of his perch.

Chloe and Mera grin at each other from opposite sides of the play area Wish and Pike had marked off. Both girls close their eyes in concentration. Chloe's fingertips begin to dance, gathering... something. Her fists close, clenching tight, and she pulls them together in front of her. Suddenly the little Witch is gone, leaving nothing but a flicker of light in her place.

Mera waves to Pike, then looks up. She raises her hands above herself and makes a tossing motion. She waves again as something drips down, erasing streaks of her image. It spreads, painting her gone. He can tell when she moves by the small water ripples in the grass around her position. Except for that, no one would see her slip away. 

Tara puts her hands on Ru's shoulders as he leans back against her. She stares at Gracie, then turns her gaze to Pike. He watches as the bush behind the pair becomes visible through their fading forms. Ru grins, and waves. Suddenly he is looking at a slightly thicker, richly leafed shrub.

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