Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pandora strokes Chloe's hair, then adjusts her pendant. She nods once and the children turn and follow Tannr. Ob pulls his wife close and kisses her.

"The bambinos will be alright Bruha. They are in good hands. Trust in the Sorcerer and our friends."

Pandora nods slowly, resting her head against her husband's firm chest. She listens to the odd pattern of his heartbeat, knowing he is close to shifting. She kisses him lightly and pulls away. 

"It is time to get out of here." 

The gargoyle concentrates, pulling atoms from things around him. Moments later a large obsidian dragon stretches out a leg. Pandora carefully mounts, settling between shorter spines. Once she is settled, Obsidian stretches out his wings and takes to the air. He circles once, letting Pandora see the children as they enter the clearing around the large tree. He nods to the dragon soaring above the tree tops and turns, catching a thermal to spiral them higher and further away.

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