Sunday, October 18, 2015

Smiling as she packed things Star turns to Wish and asks if her and Pike would be able to watch the animals until the family returns.

“It's only for the weekend Princess. Wont the animals be fine....?” Erik asks only to kick himself mentally, knowing his wife would just “know' what was needed.

“The weather is going to change....” Stars words are interrupted by Meras shriek of “Da!”

Star gives Erik a saucy grin, “I hope we can have our old room again, the one with that big cushy chair...”

Erik returns the grin and pulls Star into his arms. As he buries his face in her silver blond tresses and breathes deep of her woodsy scent, he thinks to himself for the thousandth time how lucky he is.

Had they known Pandora was busy making plans there would be no question as to what room they were in. Pan made sure everyone had “their old room” and had planned activities for the kids, stocked up on food and drink and agreed to book the new band that Ob had thought everyone would enjoy. She was in her element, planning for her guests when Rowan comes in the front door. Chloe and Teri race to see their grandma Rowan, excitedly telling her of the families plan for a weekend get together at the Tavern.

Laughing Rowan takes a seat and pulls Teri onto her lap as Chloe climbs onto the stool next to her.

“Mama says all the kids are coming to stay and we gets a sled ride with a horse!”

“ohh what fun!” Rowan grins at the childrens excitement. “A sleigh ride.. I cant remember the last time I did that....”

The sudden squeals of delight and Teri slipping off her lap has Rowan laughing at the children. Alise and Stoney have arrived with their brood and Laila just as Drai arrives from the back escorting Chiara and Ryan. The boys are immediately off to make a fort under one of the tables, Ryan scooping up Teri, much to the little ones delight. The girls congregate at the family table, as Chloe excitedly tells them all her mother has planned.

Alise grins and joins Rowan while Stoney takes their bags upstairs to the rooms the family will occupy during their stay. She sighs loudly, feeling relaxed and happy to be among friends. “This will be so nice for all of us I think. The little ones have not seen each other for so long.... Rowan, have you heard about the weather? Star seems to think we will be here longer than just the weekend....”

Rowan nods, “Well, she might be right. A possibility of blizzard conditions late Sunday afternoon. I have spent my day making rounds of all my patients, just in case.”

As the women talk Laila glances around the Tavern. Only the families and a few patrons at the bar. Drai notices the sigh and the look of disappointment and joins her.

“The one you are looking for... he will be here shortly... “ Drai smiles at the light that comes to Lailas eyes and turns to join the boys in their game. He leaps onto the table supporting the fort with a battle cry that startles the entire room but had the boys laughing like hyenas and running out from under the blanket walls, toy swords in hand, ready to do battle with the demon attacking their fort.

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