Saturday, October 17, 2015

Alise slowly approaches the table that her family and Erik are circled around making final plans for the attack on the Drow. She squeezes in between Raina and Star who had also just joined the group. Her gaze moves around the table taking in the serious faces of her husband, Ob, Tori, Tannr, Keon. Her gaze switches to the large map on the table that Erik is pointing to and his words start to sink in...

“This is where we will have the boys wait...”

Alise shakes her head, “Mon Dieu! The boys? What boys are you talking about?”

The men trade glances but remain silent for a second too long...

Erik looks at Raina, “You didnt tell her?”

“Bloody fucking Hel, Erik! I thought you were telling her...”

Alise's face begins to show her anger and she bangs her fist on the table. “What boys?..”

Erik exchanges a glance with Stoney, wishing there was some easy way to explain and reassure Alise. Star had taken the news of the plan quietly, simply saying she knew nothing would happen to the children, her other sense telling her not to worry.

Erik clears his throat, “Well, Teri is too young and will be kept here at the tavern as well as the girls...”

“Chaton...” Stoney begins.

“Dont you dare patronize me! How can you possibly agree to this? You plan to use our son and Stars son as bait? They are not animals to be used like this....” Alise's voice was rising and showing her panic. She turns to Erik, “How can you do this to Star? How could either of you come up with this plan using your children, your own flesh and blood to lure those... those monsters...” Tears start to stream down her face. “And behind my back... when were you going to tell me?”

Stoney makes a move towards her and Alise raises her voice, close to yelling. “Do not come near me...”

Raina tries to put an arm around Alises shoulders and finds it angrily shaken off. Alises color goes from pale to bright red, her anger at the plan and not being told sooner very evident. Her anger shifts from her husband to Erik

“You cold-blooded bastard! how can you even think of using your little boy - Children! - as bait for that bitch?”

Everyone at the table was stunned, most having never seen Alise so angry. At Alises outburst Raina sees Inari quietly but quickly making her way around the group of tables pushed together. When Alise moves towards Erik, voice still loud and angry Raina wraps her arms around her friend. At the contact Alise completely loses control of herself. Anger, worry, feeling betrayed and a mothers instinct to protect her children taking over.

Raina thought she had gotten a hold of a wildcat. Alise was beyond furious and incapable of listening to anything Raina tried to say over the screaming. Suddenly Raina loses her footing and the women fall, an elbow sharply connecting with Rainas eye. The slight loosening of the arms tight around her is enough for Alise to be able to scramble to her feet. Inari reaches for her but before the fae woman can stop her Alise kicks at Erik.

All the men wince in sympathy at the well placed kick to Eriks groin. The loud groan makes Alise hesitate a split second and Inari wraps her arms around Alise and holds her still. Inari may look slight but years of training have left her stronger than most men and Alise is barely able to move.

Alise Marie Katrine! Enough! Calm down! You will hurt someone else or yourself....We have not heard all the details yet...

Alise stops squirming at the very loud voice of her husband in her head. Her mass of blonde hair covers most of her face and the violet eyes glaring at Stoney have gone almost black.

“Listen to the plan... just listen to the reasoning....” Inaris voice was calm even though her thoughts were racing. “I swear nothing will happen to the boys... on my life...”

“And mine...” Drai steps forward.

Around the table every person gathered swore to her that no harm would come to the children. All would gladly give their lives for the life of any of the little ones.

Humbled by the reaction tears gather in Alises eyes then slip slowly down her cheeks. She looks to Raina who is now holding an ice cube over her swollen and discolored eye and the tears start in earnest.

Star takes Alises hand in hers. “Nothing will happen to the boys. I feel it here....” and she places the small hand against her heart. “Ruarc will grow up learning so much from Tomas and from Ryan too...”

Alise could only nod and try to apologize for her behavior.

Erik joins his wife and gently tilts Alises face, “You are the mother of a warrior. A fierce mother...” the group laughs quietly at the face Erik makes and Alise almost grins... “ with the heart and soul of a Valkyrie. No apology is necessary. This should have been discussed with you and Stoney before this and for that I apologize.”

Drai leans close to Ob and says quietly, “All I can say is nothing had better go wrong with this plan or she will have all our balls on a plate for supper.”

Obs face is grim as he responds, “You never saw what she did to Jean-Marc, our balls might well be the least of our worries...”

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