Saturday, October 17, 2015

Raina looks around the Tavern at the people gathered for the meeting Erik had called. Her thoughts drift back to the conversation she had with Alise the evening after the attempted abduction. She smiles as she recalls her friends inability to speak in English when she was mad. Raina had a hard time understanding the French and getting her calm enough to speak had taken some time.

Ob was present with Pandora as well as Ike. Keon was sitting close to Star with the Riders almost surrounding her, offering her their respect as well as protection.

As Raina watches Tori starts to smile and head for the front where Tannr had just entered, having left his job at the NiteOwl Club a little early to attend the meeting.

Jack and Eira were ensconced in 'Jacks booth' and Rowan and Marc had just entered through the back door.

Nick leans close and rubs Rainas neck as she lets her senses roam the room. Anger, disbelief, concern, worry for the children.... Her heads snaps up at the sound of K'thyri's voice greeting Inari. She grins when she sees her brother Drai join the pair, the two so similar in looks. Chiara takes Ryan upstairs with an escort of Demi-fae.

Mortuis was seated in the shadows, near the front with Silk. Raina knew he had strengthened the wards around the Tavern and the childrens room. The demi-fae seemed to be on high alert, guarding the staircase now as well as the nursery. Raina had glimpsed Wish and Pike in the hallway upstairs, both preferring to stay out of sight as much as possible but wanting to be close to Star and her children. Mera and Nadia had Pike wrapped around their little fingers and Raina grins at the thought, trying to reconcile the image of Pike who looked
like a teenager but acted like a doting old grandfather with the little girls.

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