Friday, October 16, 2015

Guunnar rests quietly. In all the eons I have known him, I have never seen him this quiet. On missions, he moves silently. Asleep, he puffs his moustache out with each exhale. Stone drunk... Come to think of it, I have never seen the Viking that drunk. I smile, and smooth the sheet over his large muscular form.

Keon arrived during the surgery. He had been at the houseboat, but cut Eite's lessons short to hurry here. 

Eite had asked to learn sword work and archery. Smart woman. Of all of us, she knows the capabilities of the Drow's assasin guild. She also has a need to be her own person, and not just a refugee, as she sees herself. Currently she and Ron were watching the woods near Star and Erik's cabin, with air support from the Night Glider.

Lines mar the usually perfect planes of his pitch black face. His eyes are fathomless pits of bleak despair. Only once before have I seen this expression. I had hoped to never see it again. He moves to his friend's side and touches his arm. Words of Elvish brush the air as he weaves a prayer for his friend's speedy recovery. He plucks two strands of hair, one black as silken thread of midnight and one the brilliant blue of pure joy. Twisting them around the big man's I wrist, I hear him implore, "Cassie... If he wanders toward the Evermore, greet him as you would a beloved brother, and keep the fool from causing too much trouble." 

He kisses the tips of two fingers, touching them lightly to Guunnar's brow and moves back a foot. Black mist envelopes the Dark Lord. The vapors swirls, twisting tighter and tighter until they coalesce into the compact, wiry form of a HellHound, red eyes blazing. With a nod to me, Keon slips beneath his Second's bed, the first to guard our jolly giant.

I slip from the room. In the center of the hallway I pause, listening with senses beyond the normal. Far away, I hear voices but no one close. I close my eyes and call my magicks. Away go the clothes I wear to aide mi amor. They will arrive in the laundry ofcourse. In their place are my leather "work" clothes, and my weapons. I pull a dagger and check the edge. Scales shimmer as I flex my hands.

Gone for the moment is Silk. Lady Leather is royally pissed. Death's Handmaiden is close to the surface tonight. Someone tried to kill one of my Brothers. I hear footsteps and slowly look up. Behind narrowed lids, reptilian eyes watch for the one approaching.

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