Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bap flits into Ardaras inner chambers. The demifae was one of Ardaras trusted spies. He was very different in appearance compared to the fae that roamed fairy and the human realm. He was dark skinned and hairy with squinty red eyes and a perpetually evil grin on his face.

He sees Ardara pacing as she often does when deep in thought in front of a large window. The view was dismal, the world of Underdark always hazy with very little variation in color. If one looked closely you could pick the dots of red, some creatures eyes before they scuttled away to be lost in the miasma that floated over the entire realm.

“What do you want? Cant you see I am busy?” Ardaras snaps.

The ugly little fae stops and bows as he hovers in front of his mistress' face. “I have news... very good news.... my Priestess...”

“Well spit it out! I have a meeting with Nathlyn shortly and no time for your fawning.”

Bap looks around the room and lowers his voice, aware that the walls hide ears and not wanting any but Ardara to know of his news, ever mindful that there may be a huge reward for news such as his.

“The children you seek, they will be unattended for a time...” and Bap relays all that he overheard in the human realm.

A slow grin spreads over Ardaras face and then she starts to laugh. “Really? All of them?” The evil laugh is mirthless and soon a harsh grimace replaces the smile and her eyes flash like fire with anger. “My revenge would be complete.. a child to sacrifice, one to keep as a pet.. hmmm.. I wonder what those gargoyles would think 
of that boy living in chains, his wings clipped, unable to attack anyone ever again. The girls could become novices, or I could just sacrifice them... perhaps..." She looks thoughtful. "Perhaps I could flay the flesh from their faces, slowly... while they're still alive to appreciate it, of course... then offer them as a sacrifice to the Goddess." She smiles. "They might make most attractive masks...." The laughter turns insane, and chilling.

“You will be well rewarded for this Bap. Go now and send Nathlyn in. We have much to discuss and plan...”

A small demifae slips unseen out of the private chambers and out an open window. Imps face is grim, knowing he has to report all he has heard...

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