Saturday, October 17, 2015

Days pass, plans finalize, or atleast they finalize as much as is possible within a group of strong willed warriors. One thing is certain. The Drow need to be where they need to be, without realizing they are walking into a trap of any kind.

Miko hovers over a spot that betrays the scent of recent Drow visitation. He tastes the air, pausing to analyze the taste of magic. He nods to himself. A listening spell... Nearly undetectable, well crafted. He motions to his co-conspirator and the pair settles on a well chosen leaf within the casting's range.

The demifae warrior begins to gently detangle his companion's long wavy locks, being careful around her wings. he whispers in her ear, making her laugh. She giggles and tugs at a bit of his multi-hued locks. He wraps his hand in a hank of her purple and brown curls, the pair acting as if they are thinking of nothing but courtship.

As he begins to groom her wings the little man glances surreptitiously around.

"So the children will be having an outing. It has been decided they need to learn some woodcraft. The only one not going is the baby." He kisses a wingtip. "Wilt thou also be in the woods next week Mya, *mi dulce?"

She shivers under his attention. "Of course. If Ruarc is there, so be Mya." She sighs, then giggles. "Mya and Miko sneak away?" She bats her eyes. 

Miko glances around and growls softly. "Si... we will find time to sneak away from the ^niƱos." He kisses her wingtip again. "Come mi amor, we must get back before they miss us."

The pair leap into the air, hand in hand, and flit back toward the warded land.

*my sweet.


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