Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gracie stands still, eyes unfocused. Pike speaks softly, explaining how to see around spells.

"Aye, Gracie. What do you see now?"

The little girl hesitates. "There is a dark spot... Like when Tomi bumped over papan's ink bottle."

"Can ye tell who is in that spot?"

She makes a face, lips twisting in concentration. "Un-unh."

He smiles and crouches beside her. "Ye ken what each of yer kin feels like. Everyone has a feel, a taste if ye will, to their individual being." The child frowns. "Ye know what everyone feels like in yer mind?" The child nods. "Okay. What are ye feeling in the dark spot? Who does it make ye think of?"

"It tingles..." Her eyes widen. Gracie looks at the Wyldfae. "You tingle. So does Ru."

Pike nods. "Yes. That is our being Fae. But concentrate, Gracie. Who is in the dark spot?"

Her pixieish features scrunch as she closes her eyes tight and wrinkles her nose. Suddenly her eyes fly wide open and she squeals in delight. "MERA! I see Mera!"

There is a burst of laughter and Mera appears as if melting into existence.

Each child reappears as Gracie names them and where they are hiding. It takes a little time, and the parents are laughing at some of the creative ways of hiding. Only Tara remains unfound.

Finally Gracie gives up, pouting a bit as she stomps her foot. "Tara isn't here. If she was, I would see her."

Pike smiles at Wish, as the Wyldfae pauses in her movements around the edge of the clearing. "Oh, she is here wee one. But findin' yer sister is nae done as ye hae' ta others. Look not ta seek energy. Seek more with yer feelings. Feel from where yer eyes want ta move away."

Gracie closes her eyes. Instead of seeking the feel of magic, she lets her senses feel the life around her. Her mind drifts, then suddenly slides past... something. Gracie looks at the spot and sees nothing. Turning her head slightly, she looks from the corner of her eyes. Panther lies in a patch of sun not even 5 feet away. It takes the little girl a moment more to see her sister curled against the big cat's side, ebony hair blending with the midnight pelt. Tara's lavender eyes seem to glow for a moment, then fade to their normal color as she returns to braiding a ring of flowers and grasses.

Gracie grits her teeth as a wash of gloating slips into her mind. Her nose wrinkles and she glares at her sister. Tara smiles at her younger sister and Gracie's temper flares. Screwing her face up tight, she sticks her tongue out. Pike clears his throat and the little girl looks at him. Her eyes widen as he raise a brow and speaks quietly. "If truly want ta be a snake, all ye need do is Wish."

Her eyes snap to Wish, standing not far away. "No... no... She was gloating." Her words fall off under Pike's steady gaze.

Ob leans close to his brother and whispers loud enough for the other adults to hear. "Jedi mind games? These are not the droids you are looking for..."

Pike smiles and calls to Ob. "Where d'ye think we got the idea, mate? Empathy can be vera persuasive."

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