Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ky visibly cringes, her ears bend down and her hands move up to cover them. “What the hell is that? One of the kids? How can she screech like that?”

Stoneys head snaps up at the sound and before anyone else can react he is moving towards the stairs and leaping over the railing. Demifae startled by the sound start to swarm near Tara.

As Stoney scoops up his daughter she starts to talk excitedly in rapid french....

*« Papan, nous avons un visiteur pour tante Star ... nounou ne peut pas le voir et il est l'un des hommes bleus ... il parle de Ryan avec ses mains comme sa maman ne ...”

Star recognizes her name and a small frown furrows her brow. “What is she talking about Alise?”

Stoney carries his daughter down the stairs while Ob reassures the nanny and demifae that nothing was wrong. Alise sits and Stoney sets Tara in her lap still speaking excitedly.

Marc who has been listening to the exchange leans to Rowan, “She sees spirits, the little one?”

Rowan nods, “She is an extremely gifted and sensitive child... is that what she is talking about?”

After a short exchange between Stoney and Alise, Alise turns to Star. “It seems there is someone that wants to speak to you. I think it might be Ghaunt....”

Before Star can respond Tara points to the landing on the stairs.** “Regardez! Il se tient juste là ….

Stars face goes white and tears fill her eyes, “ is Ghaunt...” and she walks slowly to the base of the stairs.

The group falls silent, letting Star visit with her friend. Tara watches from the safety of her mothers lap, curious as to the blue-gray spirit and why he appeared now.

After a few minutes Star returns to the table and to Eriks side. She dries her eyes with a handkerchief Rowan offers and then clears her throat. “Ghaunt wants me to tell you that this location...' Star points to spot on the map, “is not the best idea. He says this one..” and she moves her finger several inches to the right and picks up a red pen to circle the area, “this would be better...”

The entire group leans forward and the discussion is on.

Star looks to Erik, “He also said we need to include our son, so I am going to go get him. And Tomas if his parents are agreeable..”

“Princess, are you sure about this? I planned to go over the boys part with them tomorrow...”

“I am sure. Ghaunt would not tell me to do this if there was not good reason. I will be right back...” Star joins Alise and the women head upstairs taking Tara with them. Tara turns in her mothers arms looking back over her shoulder sees Ghaunt still on the landing as they pass. He smiles at Star then slowly fades from sight....

*Papan, we have a visitor for tante star...nanny cannot see him and he is one of the blue people... he talks to Ryan with his hands like his mommy does

**Look! There he is...

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