Friday, October 16, 2015

I dance.

The energy is too intense not to harvest, just like the night before. And so... I harvest. I use what I am, and siphon the overflow, spindling it as it were, to be used later. Just like the night before. Lost in the spell, I feel a familiar gaze. 

How long he watches, I don't know. How long I dance... I don't know. What I do know is that when I finish, the power is wound tight, a force to be used as we deem fit.

My skin is shining from a fine sheen of perspiration, my stance arched backwards as I hold the energy. I feel the smile in his voice even though the tone is his usual polished modulation.


I smile, my dark almond shaped eyes finding his dark piercing gaze. "The sexual energy they expelled is awsome. I will feed some back to him as healing when he sleeps. Just as last night." I move to loosen tight muscles, undulating my torso in my lover's direction. "The rest..." I shrug. "I am sure we can find a use."

I glide to him and run my fingertips over his silk shirt. Others would find him impassive, I can feel his smile and the surge of desire. I lick my lips and give him a lazy, sultry look. 

"They have made me... hungry."

He lowers his lips to mine, taking a kiss that some would find disturbingly intense. It is a possessively devouring act, one that sets me on fire. I stroke a hand across his neck, feeling heated flesh under my palm, where others would see, feel, his hood. I moan softly, leaning into his crushing embrace, knowing it is his will alone that lets me feel the real man, instead of the illusion.

The touch of his breath teasing my throat sends lightening through my veins. The damp silk of my halter top is replaced by the warm silk of his gloved hand as it claims the breast he has bared. The rough weave rasps over sensitized flesh, perking my nipple into a hard peak. His teeth nip at the now arched curve of my neck and I moan. No soft sound, but a true groan of surrender.

His thigh presses between my legs and I ride along its firm muscled length. I press into his embrace, grinding wantonly. My own thigh rubs his crotch. The evidence of his own arousal making me shudder. I slide down his body, and he lets me. One my knees, my nimble fingers deftly undoes his trousers while my lips tease and nip at him through the cloth. His fingers clench in my hair, tugging hard, and I whimper, even as my teeth, scrape along now bared flesh.

The tight control pulls me back, and I growl. I pull against his grip and feel the wetness of my own need soaking the lace covering my crotch. I stare upwards into his smouldering gaze.

Only two words slip from my lips, heavily accented by my near loss of control.

"Herrre, Now."

He pulls me up by my hair, knowing I am his to use as roughly as he wants. Or is that as roughly as I want.....

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