Friday, October 16, 2015

Rowan had entered the tavern and approached Stoney and Ob unseen. She laughed at the childrens antics, happy to see them having so much fun. She pulls up a chair next to Ob and Stoney.

“I wasnt trying to eavesdrop... but whats going on? Why wont Alise talk to you?” Rowan asks, obviously concerned.

Stoney takes a deep breath and explains to Rowan. He and his family trusted her implicitly, ever since she cared for Alise after her capture by Jean-Marc.

Rowan nods, “Well, I can try and talk to her, but like you said, she can be pretty stubborn. Maybe some night after the kids are in bed you should just pull the box out and tell her we need to get this out of the way...”

Stoney laughs, “She might just tell me to go to hell...”

Ob smiles at first and then his expression goes serious as he lowers his voice, “Daughter of the Goddess, what could she be so afraid of remembering after all this time?”

Knowing Ob was serious when he used this formal way of addressing her, Rowan looks to both men. “Maybe she is more afraid of not remembering...”

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