Sunday, October 18, 2015

Quiet time.

At least... quieter than the Tavern usually is at this hour. Technically the place is closed, but a few intrepid souls, or perhaps idiots? have ventured out in the storm. Stoney picks out the notes of a half forgotten song as he listens to the sound of soft conversations. A cold blast washes across his back as Jeb opens the door. Feet stomp and there is the rustle of coats as they are removed and hung on the rack.

The awed “WOW… Cool effect!” brings a smile to his lips. He knows that voice. Ron. The Fox calls a hello to Stoney as he and his friends grab a table. “Pandora’s doing?” Stoney nods. Monty stops by their table to direct the guys to the bar. He also offers the shivering Ty a blanket. The Tiger accepts gratefully.

Monty had set up platters of food and carafes of hot drinks after a discussion  with Pandora and Ob. More people had ventured out in the storm than expected, and so many were ending up on their doorstep. The Tavern was fast becoming a welcome stop before people ventured on to their destination.

The crisp click of heels draws eyes to the back hallway. A petite woman strides to a booth, a long red nailed finger tapping the bluetooth in her left ear as she scrolls through an electronic appointment book. It isn't until she slides into the end of a privacy booth that anyone notices the couple who follow her, quiet as shadows. When she motions to the other bench, the pair slips onto the seat. They fold their hands and keep their eyes downcast as she speaks to them. Pandora touches Ob's hand and leaves the family table. The woman smiles at the Witch's approach and rises to shake hands.

Ob grins and raises a glass in the woman's direction. She nods back and speaks to the young man when Pandora points at the layout on the bar. As the couple glides to the food, Pandora brings the woman to meet the others at the table.

"Mistress, You remember my husband from our visit to Your Domain. You also know Ike, Patti, and Monty. Everyone else here is Kith and Kin, as my husband says. This lovely Lady is Mistress Delphine, our downstairs tenant. Her domain is the Dungeon. Maxwell and Julia are her inhouse submissives."

After a round of introductions, Delphine and her people are invited to sit with the family. With a small smile the woman declines. "I am afraid I have client calls to return, but after W/we eat, I will allow the children to socialize." She bows her head and returns to the booth where Maxwell and Julia have laid out food and drink. They wait until she is seated and then serve their Mistress before sitting down to their own plates.

Tori had stared after the petite woman as she walked away. She sighs. At glances from the others she shrugs. "What? I mean look at her. So self possessed, straight dark brown hair pulled back tight in a bun. The perfect "vampire" widow's peak. Perfect bow shaped mouth. Short stature, but a full figure with a narrow waist." She grins. "Is it just me, or does she remind anyone else of a modern Lily Munster?"

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