Thursday, October 15, 2015

The second Tomas gets a glimpse of Chiaras and Ryans approach he is off like a shot. Unfortunately he doesnt get very far before he collides with Gracie, causing his younger sister to fall and land on her bottom with a thud and a loud wail.

“Tomas! Stop this instant!”

Tomas freezes at the sound of his mothers raised voice. Alise was rarely angry with any of the children and when she raised her voice they all knew someone was in trouble.

Stoney approaches Grace and lifts her up, letting her snuggle in his arms as he wipes away her tears.

Alise kneels next to her son. “That was rude and inconsiderate. I know you are excited to see Ryan but that is no excuse to knock your sister right over. Go and apologize.”

“I am sorry Maman...” Tomas hangs his head, clearly not liking his mother being upset with him.

“Not to me, I am not the one you knocked down..”

Tomas turns and walks to his father, his head lowered. Stoney kneels with Gracie and sets her down. She stands but keeps a firm grip on her father, feeling safe with him close.

Taking her hand Tomas looks up, first to his father then his sister. “I'm sorry Gracie. I didnt mean to knock you down.

Gracie sniffles, “That was mean Tomi...”

“I didnt do it on purpose... I'm sorry...”


Tomas pulls on a long curl making the strand spring upwards. It always brings a smile to Gracies face and now is no exception. Ryan approaches and signs hello to Grace and the group is back on track, waiting for Chiara to explain her plans for the building. The children follow her eagerly, excited about the things they will learn.

Turning to his wife as the group moves away Stoney teases, “Are you certain you want more children Chaton?”

Alise grins and sends to her husband. Of course, and the practice sessions are going so very well, are they not?

Tannr suddenly gets a quick mental glimpse of Alise, straddling her husband, naked, head tilted back, pink nipples peeking through pale golden hair hanging to her thrusting hips...

“Wow....I mean...damn....” Tannr stumbles on his words not sure what to say.

“I suppose you enjoyed that little slip...” Tori says, only half kidding as she turns away

Tannr grabs her from behind and lowers his head to kiss and nuzzle her neck. His arm slips around her waist as he lets the other hand trail over Toris flat stomach. He whispers close to her ear, “Not as much as I enjoy our own sessions and you in the same position...and I prefer my.... be unobstructed....”

Much to everyones amazement Tori actually blushes as she swats at her husband.

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