Friday, October 16, 2015

Traeger covers his cup with his hand as one of the Clanswomen offer him more tea. She smiles, giving him a wink as she moves away. Erin watches her from the corner of her eyes. The woman turns to another man, smiling and winking  as she serves him. She tosses her hair, laughing, as she moves on.

Sarah grins at Erin when the Irish woman returns her attention to the table, just in time to hear Traeger answer Bahktian.

"Ob, tamed? On stage, in public, he keeps the wild persona Obsidian Heart. Behind closed doors? With family? Ob is a devoted father and husband." Traeger gives a wry grin. "Trust me, I wouldn't cross him when comes to the protection of Clan and Kin. He lives by a code many would do well to learn."

He looks around the table. "I understand now why he is as he is. The men here remind me of my son-in-law."

Bahktian nods slowly. "So, Traeger of Exton. What is this favor, this boon, you would have of us?"

Traeger outlines his quest, the why of his travels. When he speaks of Ob's injuries and how Silk saved him by breaking off his horns and grinding them into powder for his wounds, there are grim faces and gasps from the assembled Peoples. Sarah draws herself up, stepping to Bahktian's shoulder. She lays her hand on the Elder's shoulder.

"Uncle. I speak for the Healers. This plan, it is sound. I know the Witch and his companion have gathered soils from all but Our lands. Even the Highlanders have given from their rugged sanctuary."
Bahktian nods to Maarteen. "What say you Seer?"

The Clansman closes his eyes, looking within. He watches probabilities clear, then cloud, weighing the courses in mere moments. He opens his eyes slowly, still lost in the images flicking through his mind. His voice vague, yet loud enough to be heard by all.

"I will direct those who collect Our offering. Josi needs more than the sands of the Desert. His blood runs hotter. His soul flies higher." His gaze clears and he looks to his Uncle. "I will need aid of the Potter to mix a blend specifically to mi Cooza." He pauses a moment. "Perhaps we should make a blend for my sister as well?"

Surprise lights Traeger's eyes, echoing in the Elder's as well. The man from Exton murmurs, "I did not think of that..."

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