Friday, October 16, 2015

Drai and Ky stand a few yards away from the group. Both are trying not to raise their voices and Ky is having a hard time fighting the urge to knock her brother to the ground.

“You cannot go after her! It would be suicide...”

“I could have had the bitch.. I should have killed her and fuck the treaties... I know you are friends with Inari...” Drai's words are cut off by a hiss from his sister.

“Inari would be the first one to ignore the treaties if anything happens to the kids and you know it. She went after Morgan and she would go after Ardara. She isnt above breaking the rules if they need to be broken.. She just isnt going to make a huge issue of it, and it wouldnt matter if we were friends or not...” Ky's words fall off, certain her brother isnt really hearing her

Drai shakes his head and glares at the tree line. He starts to pace, his face red, but holding back his words, not wanting to hurt his sister, very much aware of how close she was to Inari and still not trusting in any treaties made by court fae and Drow.

Sighing, K'thyri glances towards the porch, then back to her brother, afraid he was going to take off. She knew he was the best tracker in fairy, he could find Ardara anywhere in Underdark, kill her and be back before the alarm was raised. She also knew that if Ardara was gone, another would simply take her place and after that one another. There would be no end to it.



“Stop! Just stop. I cant think when you yell and the pacing is worse...” Ky stomps her foot, her temper rising.

On the porch Stoney and Laila exchange a grin, wondering if the two were going to come to blows.

Back in the house Tara suddenly sits up and slips off Rainas lap. She heads outside as Raina and Alise exchange a puzzled look and follow her. Tara heads to the edge of the porch and watches as Ky and Drai try hard to control their voices. She takes Ryans hand and leads him down the stairs to where the red headed siblings were arguing. The children went unnoticed until Tara tugs gently on Drais leather vest.
Drai looks down and sees two pairs of very large worried eyes looking up at him, one brown and one violet and Ryan starts to gesture furiously.

“Slow down, little man, slow down...” and Drai stops pacing to kneel on the ground in front of Ryan.

Ky watches as Drais anger seems to melt away and he pulls the boy close.

“No, I am not angry with you, never will be..” Drai then holds the boy at arm lengths and tips his chin. He gently wipes at the tears. “We are fighting because my sister thinks she is a better tracker than me.”

Ky's head snaps up, “I am better than you...”

“She couldnt track a giant Osakis that shat itself through a meadow...” Drai pointedly ignores his sister.

“What?!” Ky's face goes red again.

Drai grins, “Besides, everyone knows boys make much better trackers than girls..”

“You insufferable baboon..!” Ky clenches her fists and has to turn away in order to contain the almost uncontrollable urge to knock her brother upside the head.

The children giggle, and Drai waves a large pointed ear at Tara which she gently grabs. The little girl leans close and whispers, “You cant leave, Ryan needs you.”

Drai nods, unable to speak or give voice to the feelings he had for the little boy.

As Tara lets go of the heavily pierced ear she adds, “His mommy does too...”

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