Friday, October 16, 2015

The footsteps stop. My hands hover over the grips of my twin blades, ready for a cross draw. I stand still, listening for any movement, There is the slide of metal through leather. Fried or foe? I extend my senses, scenting that which doesn't belong. Tanned leather... Suede... Oiled metal... I smile and flex my hands.

My voice is a low hiss, a singsong cadence. "Velcome to my Vorld, Come dance vith me..." My blades slide from their sheathes, loud in the following silence. "I sssssmell dragon..." I breathe deeply. "I sssssmell... Fae... Show yersssselvessss."

The tip of a blade appears past the far corner. It disappears, then reappears, twirling in and out of sight. The blade whistles, betraying the speed of its spin. I tense, easing into a balanced stance, awaiting my foe. The blade begins to weave back and forth, a snake charmers pattern. I smile. A snake pattern for a Dragon?

I hiss, a slow exhale and hear... laughter. Very familiar laughter.

K'thyri glides around the corner, dancing with the movements of her blade. Raina follows, shaking her head. I breathe in, out, slowly letting my guard relax and the scales dressing my skin to fade back into human flesh. I sheathe my blades and smooth the tips of my fingers along my temples.

"Ladies... Give me a moment to make Keon aware you have come to relieve him."

I tap on the door, opening it at the scratch of claws. A large HellHound pads into the hallway. It looks back once, then sits, head thrown back, eyes closed, as a dark mist envelopes its body. The mist rises, thickening, then collapses in on itself until it reveals a tall, lithely muscled, very nude, High Court Fae. He bows to the women and holds the door open for them to enter.

K'thyri lets her appreciation be known as she moves past Keon. her fingertips slide along his waist, dipping down to stroke over his shaft. He gives her a small smile, eyes smoldering when she licks her fingertips. She presses close for a moment and kisses the very corner of his lips. "Not bad for a Highborn."

He growls softly and she shivers. She wraps her hand around his thickness and murmurs, "Yeah... Gooooood Boy."

Raina laughs and shoves her through the door. "Coming to our party?"

Keon smiles, leaning close to growl in Raina's ear. "Wouldn't miss it."

I bite my lip as the door closes behind the women and breathe deeply. The tastes of Lust and Desire are exquisite. I swallow hard, reach up and pull Keon into a deep kiss. His dominant posture disappears the moment I take control. This time I growl and he moans softly. The kiss ends and he licks my lips.

His words are soft as he kisses my cheek. "Mistress... anytime you and the Master have the Hunger, just call."

Moments later The Lord of Hounds has reshifted and trots away through the nearest shadow.

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