Friday, October 16, 2015

 They had a problem.

Chloe put Nanny to sleep, so she wouldn't worry about Tara's tears, and so she wouldn't tell their parents that they were trying to "peek" into the adults' minds.

That in itself wasn't a problem. It was explained to Chloe that one doesn't put another person to sleep just for convienience. The problem was... they couldn't wake her.

Pandora sits on the floor at Nanny's feet and holds Chloe. The little girl explains again what she did. She is close to tears and trying very hard to remember what she was thinking, what her intent had been. 

"I wanted her to sleep like Daddy does. He feels good when he wakes up. So does Tomi. I didn't want her to see Tara crying..." Tears flow down the little girl's cheeks. "Momma... Is Nanny gonna sleep for a hunnert years like Sleeping Beauty?"

Ob strokes his daughter's varigated curls, The jewel tones flash brighter with her distress. The other children watch quietly, unwilling to leave the room until Nanny is wakened. Ru and Teri sit close to Mera. The little boys watch the air around Nanny, pointing at things only they can see. Mera's eyes widen after a few moments.

"Auntie Pandy? Ru and Teri like the pretty blue and grey threads in the spell. Why do they stay when you make all the other colors go away?"

Pandora looks at the trio, then gazes at the Nanny, focusing harder with her Magick sight. "I don't see those colors."

Ob and Stoney gaze at the young woman. Stoney chokes, opening the sight to his wife as Ob opens to Pan. Threads in several shades of blue and grey  entwine the Shifter girl's form, like vines wrapped around a sapling.

The Witch's eyes widen. "What the... what is that? I've never seen Magick like that."

Chloe begins to cry. "I'm sorry Momma. I didn't do it on purpose. I was trying to make her sleep like Daddy and Tomi! Honest!"

Ob strokes his little girl's hair. "But Gitanilla... you did. She is sleeping JUST like I do. That is Gargoyle energy." He looks at the others. "Does anyone know where Ike is? Isn't Rowan working with her to learn Elemental Casting?"

Moments later several more heads peek in the room. Tori, Ike, Tannr, and Monty all stare at Nanny. Monty kisses Ike's cheek, telling her to call if they need him and heads down to watch over the Tavern. To make more room, the kids are all gathered on the bigger bed, except for Chloe who stands close to Nanny, holding her mother's hand. Ike and Tori turn their sight to elemental levels and explore the lines. 

Tori smiles, shaking her head. "You did this, Chloe? Wow. Very strong. Where did you learn Elemental Magick?"

The little girl raises her head proudly. "Yup." She ducks her head, biting her lip. "But I don't know how to wake her up."

Tori nods, sucking in her lower lip. "It's ok little one. That is what family is for. To help you learn, Just like Tante Ike is good at unwinding spells and needs to practice casting, You are good at casting and need some practice at unwinding. And that is exactly what we are going to do... unwind the vines."

The Viper Gargoyle points out the palest blue lines, then the darker blues. She explains how water energy can be turned to ice, which is what Chloe did. Water slows, stiffens the cells in a body. The greys are stone, earth magick a little less malleable.  Ike shows Chloe how to look for weaknesses in the weaving, helping her find the spots where the magicks start and end. They concentrate on the lines, slowly melting them away. 

Soon there is more Nanny and a lot less vines. Finally the women sag in relief, Pandora cuddling an exhausted Chloe close. Nanny stretches, yawning widely. She opens her eyes, blinking to clear them, and bolts upright in her chair, embarrassed by being caught napping by all the parents.

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