Friday, October 16, 2015

Guunnar stretches. Pain lances through his back, but he groans more from the mouth currently working his shaft, than from the sharp jab in his back. His big hands slide up the thighs currently draped over his shoulders. Her moan shivers along his cock and he lifts his hips to thrust a little harder, fucking deeper into his caretaker's throat. He brushes his moustache over the swollen lips of the drenched sex hovering over his mouth. She shudders and the big man grins. he tickles her again, making her writhe. She tries to grind on his face, but he easily holds her above him.

"Nein Patti... I vant you ready for me. Chust a bit more." 

He licks her again, tongue sliding through her steaming slit to stab into her tight ass. She squirms and he grins, nipping at her clit to make her scream around his rigid shaft. He thrusts a thick finger deep and her muscles clamp tight. He slowly pulls out, wiggling his digit to stretch her a bit. He works two in this time, stretching her, watching in fascination as her hungry cunt pulls them in. 

"I tink now.. now you lay back on bed und I see if I fit."

Patti moans as he pulls his fingers out and licks her clit, thrusting his tongue into her wanting hole. Shifting her onto her back, Guunnar leans over her, lifting and spreading her legs wide, He moves foprward, rubbing the head of his coick slowly up and down, caressing her clit. Patti rolls her hips, urging him to try to fit it in.

"C'mon Guunnar... fuck me! Hard and fast."

The Viking rubs along her dripping slit, pushing forward. he feels her stretch, holding her hips to keep her from writhing. Patti moans. With a wicked grin he grips her hips and thrusts hard, pulling her toward him. She screams, body thrashing as he plunges deep. 


Ignoring the pain, Guunnar pulls out slowly, thrusting hard again. He shudders as she clamps around him.

"Ach... oh ja...." Her nails dig into his arms, scratching deep. Guunnar grins. "Harder?" Patti nods, eyes glazed in passion. The big man growls softly, picking up the pace of his thrusts. He is only just feeling the tightening of his balls when Patti clenches hard, then begins to buck and scream as she comes. The sight and sound of her orgasm is too much and it brings the big man, taking him by surprise. He bellows, roaring with his release. Moments later, he lets Patti's legs drift down and rests his hands on the bed on either side of her. He is panting hard, but leans down to lick over her sweat glistening tattoos.

He licks his way up to her earlobe and whispers softly, "Ready for more?"

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