Sunday, October 18, 2015

Delphine watches her submissives mingle with the Taverners. She smiles to herself. Nothing is regular about these people, even the Humsns are more, definitely not your average everyday mortal. She, Herself, may be the only "non-gifted one here. Then again, considering this is Exton, should she be surprised?

The atmosphere is relaxed.  There is no air of discomfort, and she knows she would be able to tell if there was, afterall reading levels of discomfort is all part of her business. She watches the snow fall through the magical wall. Two men mount the porch steps, both shrouded in dark cloaks and scarves. Behind them  comes a motley crew. The cloaked men move, stepping aside to watch the night as the group passes between them. The cold blast from the open door turns heads.

The werewolf bouncer is suddenly there, holding a crate. Delphine blinks. She never saw the man move. His appearance is not unexpected though. The group moves aside to allow their last members inside as they divest themselves of weapons and outerwear. The two cloaked men wait until everyone else has moved to the bar before they place their own weapons in the crate and push back their hoods. Only then is one revealed to be a woman. Cloaks hung by the door, the pair makes their way to where the Dark Elf sits with a large man, his fair-haired Fae wife, and a striking woman with blue tinged hair.

The Dark Elf rises from his chair, only to instantly drop to one knee. Delphine watches with interest as the woman murrmurrs a few words and the Elf rises to his full height. He kisses the woman's hand and motions to two others who are getting ready to head out into the storm. There is a short conversation and the newy cloaked pair joins a group heading out into the storm. The Dark Elf holds a chair for the woman and her companion heads to the bar for refreshments. The woman says something to the people at her table and Pandora's husband is quickly on his feet, laughing as he offers the woman his hand. She shoos him away, calling him a fool, and the gargoyle drops into his chair with a grin.

Maxwell bows before his Mistress, holding a pot of coffee. She nods and he fills her mug.


She watches him lower his eyes and she smiles, turning her attention to the group at the family table.

"The dark haired woman with the exotic eyes is Lady Silk, or to the warriors here, Mistress Leather. She is..." He presses his lips together, thinking for a moment. "She is a cousin Mistress Pandora's husband, but not a Gargoyle. She is a respected fighter and extremely skilled. The people where we are sitting say she is Domme, but plays with few. She has deep ties to Lord Keon of the Unseelie Courts and her chosen mate whom they would only call "The Good Doctor".

Delphine raises an eyebrow slightly. "Hmmmmm. So the dark elf is a true Sidhe, interesting that he bows to one not of his race." Maxwell glances up at his Mistress and she frowns. He quickly lowers his eyes. "Thanks you Maxwell. That will be all for now. You may go... socialize."

As he turns to go, she calls his name. "Maxwell, one more thing." The young man bows slightly in her direction, eyes averted but listening intently. "The group of people who just left, and the group that came in earlier.... what is that about?"

The young man swallows hard before answering. "A patrol of some type Mistress. I.. I did not think to ask..."

"You know how best to ask, Maxwell. I really do not like unanswered questions you know."

"Yes Mistress."

She makes a small shooing motion with her fingers and the man disappears among the patrons. Feeling eyes on her, Delphine glances up, meeting the gaze of the woman. The appraise each other and Lady Silk nods and raises her mug. Delphine does the same. Only one word comes to mind as Delphine turns back to her list of phone numbers.


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