Friday, October 16, 2015

As Raina and Ky climb off the motorcycle, Ky pauses, listening to a long warbling sound. Raina turns to look at her, a puzzled expression on her face.

“Drai... he must have been watching in the woods. Can you ask Stoney to come out and let him in? He might have seen something...” Ky whistles back making Raina cringe at the sharpness of the sound.

Laila leads Raina into the house where the family has gathered in the living room. Before Raina can say a word Tara is violently ill. Raina quickly moves the little girls heavy mass of hair away from her face and takes note of the pale color and dark circles around the violet eyes. When the spasms stop Raina gently lifts her and carries her to a large chair. Tara curls into Raina resting her head on a tattooed shoulder. Alise brings a cool cloth and sitting on the arm of the chair wipes Taras face.

“We can talk as soon as you feel a little better....” Raina kisses a soft forehead and feels the little body start to relax.

Raina looks to Stoney. “She will be fine now, I can help her with this. Now she knows what that evil feels like she can learn to block it the second she senses it, or let it in slowly. We will practice, I dont imagine its a lot different than the mental thing you all do...”

Stoney nods slowly, relieved that Raina who would understand what his daughter was going through as no other was with them but still worried and feeling helpless.

“Can you go outside and talk to Ky? She thinks Drai wants to speak to you but cant get past the wards.”

Stoney heads outside, taking three very worried children with him. Alise can hear Panther on the porch and knows she will keep the children safe and occupied for the time being.

Alise turns to Raina, “Ma souer, what is it? I know there is something you are not saying.”

Raina closes her eyes for a moment, then smiles at her friend. “You know me too well.. its just that.. well.. I think this child is extraordinarily gifted, more so than we realize...”

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