Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ob stands on the balcony, watching his wife sleep. She moves slightly, shifting into a shaft of moonlight. The dark hued Deamon catches his breath. His pale blue eyes gleam, the jewelled tones of his rigid mane glow from within as desire rushes through him. Even after almost a decade together, she still arouses him.

A soft stroke along his thoughts brings a smile to his scaled visage. I assume you are enjoying the view? The purr in her words rumbles through him, setting fire to his groin. Already made of rigid, Ob swallows a groan as his cock hardens even more. Will you be staying out there all night? Or shall I entice you inside?

Her hands begin a slowly carressing slide from breasts to thighs, pushing the blanket from her nude form. A slow growl escapes his lips. His forked tongue flicks out, tasting the pheromones filling the bedroom. Ob closes his eyes, concentrating on changing his form and not the erotic show of his wife's fingers dancing along her mound and teasing the dark curls framing her now glistening folds. His form ripples, shrinking in on itself as he releases the excess elements of his Deamon form. His mane softens, becoming his normal shoulder length messy waves. His hand finds his cock, seeking the spines that grace his Deamonic cock. A relieve breath escapes when he feels nothing but flesh.

Playing with yourself... soo sexy...

Ob steps through the open balcony doors, still shedding his Deamonic persona. He says nothing, eyes glued to her naked form. Her fingers slide along her slit. Raising her hips, Pandora spreads her slick folds and begins to stroke over her clit. Her fingers dance, sometimes dipping in and out, moaning softly. Ob stll says nothing, keeping his thoughts hidden as well. Pandora begins to thrust her hips, moaning as she watches him come closer. She adds another finger and begins to thrust harder. Ob reaches out and captures her wrist. He leans over her and sucks her wet fingers into his mouth. Still forked, his tongue wraps around the fingers, stroking them clean. Pandora moans softly.

Grasping her legs, Ob tugs, sliding her to the bottom of the bed. Dropping to his knees, he pulls her legs over his shoulder and presses his mouth to her wet snatch. His tongue dances over her clit, then thrusts deep. The forked tip flutters inside, making her squirm. She moans and tries to buck against his mouth. He nips at her clit and she yelps. He growls softly. Pandora moans, raising her hips. His tongue slides along her slit. As his tongue presses against the tight pucker of her ass she trembles. When his tongue slips inside, Pandora tries to lift higher. She whimpers as he slips from between her legs.

"Bruha..." His voice is low, a gravelly rumble, heavily accented, r's rolling in his need. "I have two tails rrright now." He mounts the bed, knees straddling her chest. His throbbing cock nudges her lips. Pandora eagerly sucks him deep into her mouth. Her tongue strokes along the underside of the head and he shudders. A moan of pleasure shivers through him from cock to tail tip, vibrating along her clit as he rubs the soft pointed tip of his tail through her moist heat. She moans louder as he flexes the tip, then pushes into her tight cunt. He growls, reigning in the urge to thrust both cock and tail deep.

"Arren't ye glad my tail is flexible?" He slides his tail, thrusting slowly. Her moans vibrate along his rigid length. Ob grits his teeth, fighting for control. He slowly pulls away, groaning as her teeth scrape his shaft. "Nay Bruha... I'm not cumming that way."

He helps her up, moving to lay back. "Strrraddle me. Fuck me, Bitch."

Pandora slides over him, grasping his cock to position it at her opening. He braces to push up into her, but instead shudders as she slides the broad head over her clit. She smiles down at him, black hair tumbling around her moonlit form. The contrast of his own earth toned hands cupping her full white breasts makes his cock jump, bring a soft sound from her.

"Now Brrruha. Orrr I will not be rrresponsible forrr what hole I fuck. And I WILL fuck you ha" His words are cut off as Pandora rocks over him, forcing his cock deep into her tight channel. She shudders and moves slightly, adjusting to his thick hard length. Ob growls. His large hands grip her hips and he bucks, sinking his length deep. Pandora squeals, breath coming in harsh pants. His hands slide up her back, forcing her foreward.

"Hold still. Do not move, mi amorrr, b├ęsame...kiss me." His lips slide over hers, teeth nibbling, pulling her deeper into their kiss. He feels her relax and pulls out slightly. As she shivers in pleasure he thrusts into hard. Her groan deepens as he lifta his knees, spreading her legs wider. The tip of his tail strokes along her tight pucker. Pandora trembles, groaning into his mouth.

He breaks the kiss, lips barely touching as he breathes in her pants. His tail presses harder and she rolls her hips. "Si orr no?"

Pandora whimpers. "Yes, si... gently?" Ob kisses her and presses harder, feeling her open slowly. With a quick thrust, he sinks the flanges tip just inside the tight grasp of her muscled ring. Pandora whimpers into his mouth, and he waits, letting her adjust. He feels her relax slightly and flexes his hips. When she moans, Ob begins a slow thrust in and out of her body. Pandora presses her hands into his chest, nails scraping. Pushing up, Pandora watches his face. She digs her nails into his chest, and smiles as his eyes slit and his chest vibrates with an unreleased groan. She begins to slide, fucking herself on his cock and tail. She rolls her hips, moaning softly as he flicks his tail deep inside her. She closes her eyes at the feeling of the pressure of her double penetration.

Ob rolls, trapping her beneath him. He rises up, pulling her legs over his shoulders. Pandora gasps as Ob takes control, raising her hips and deepening the thrusts in both her cunt and ass. Pandora writhes, tossing her head as Ob plunges in and out. A wicked grin curls his lips and Ob maneuvers a hand over her mound. His fingers find her clit and he begins to rub, pinch, and tug.

Pandora begins to thrash, bucking hard on each thrust, whimpering on each outward stroke. His mind slips into hers, stroking along her arousal, building her even higher. He can feel her on the edge, both mind and body close to shattering. He pinches her clit, rolling it between his finger and thumb as he lets her feel his own impending explosion.

"NOW mi amorr... Now!"

Pandora arches as her orgasm explodes, implodes, shatters her entire being. Just as the world begins to come back into focus, Ob thrusts deep, filling her with himself and his scalding hot need. She screams, echoing the shout that explodes from his deep chest.

Minutes later, he lets her legs slowly slide from his shoulders. He carefully pulls his tail from her and eases off her. Brushing damp hair from her face, he stretches out beside her.

"Wow... So this is what happens when you play with death magic..."

Ob's eyes widen."How..?"

"I'm a Witch. I can smell it." Pandora smirks. "and I can read your mind, butt head."

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