Friday, October 16, 2015

Drai leans against the rail of the cabin and watches the children, busy with trying to catch the shadowcat. He smiles to himself remembering escorting Chiara and her son to the meeting. It was just a short trip from her house in the woods in fairy to the gate Keon had opened so Chiara could attend. Drai had grinned from ear to ear when Chiara mounted his horse behind him and wrapped her arms tight around his waist. Then he hoisted Ryan up in front of him where the little boy was squirming in excitement. His hands moved so rapidly that Drai missed much of what he was asking, being new to Ryans signing. Chiara laughed and translated all the questions and answers, mostly about the horse and how long would the trip take.

But now Drai watches as Chiara exits the cabin, her expression serious and eyes huge with worry for her son and the other children, especially little Ruarc.

Drai goes to her wanting to reassure her, to hold her close, but afraid as to how she would react to the gesture. Instead he stands in front of her, drowning in her hazel gold eyes. He speaks softly, for her ears alone, “I swear by everything I am, that no harm will come to you or your son....”

Chiaras eyes go dark before she lowers them, afraid that Drai would see her confusion, Why would he make such an offer?

Just as Drai lifts a hand, intending to tip her chin up, a loud pop announces the presence of the shadowcat. Drai looks down at the cat sitting between him and Chiara and swore the large feline was grinning at him.

Chiara steps back as Tomas and Ryan come racing to capture the cat, who with another loud pop, disappears again. With the squeals of the children as they try to chase a cat they cant see, the moment is gone and Drai smiles sadly as Chiara turns in the direction the children have raced off to, laughing at their antics.

On the other side of the large deck, Raina nudges Ky and nods in Drais direction.

“I think your brother has it bad for the teacher...”

smiles. “Yeah, he seems to... but all he is going to end up with is a broken heart. She isnt Wyldfae...”

“No, she isnt. But she isnt a Court fae either. And you said he wasnt a full blood...”

Ky shrugs, “Three fourths, thats close enough...”

“Well, it seems that one fourth part is keeping him civilized enough to be of interest to her... I swear she was blushing...”

Ky watched her brother who was watching Chiara. Hmmmm, she mused... maybe little brother is growing up in more ways than one....

Drai pushed his long dark hair away from his face, his hair had grown and darkened over the winter and his shoulders were broad and muscular. Any woman would find him handsome.

“I dont know Raina... he always has that whipped puppy look on his face whenever she is around but I dont think Drai has ever had a real relationship, its just not his nature.. Or I didnt think it was anyway....”

Her words trailed off as she watched Ryan approach Drai and give his shirt a tug to get his attention. Drai looked down a puzzled look on his face, unable to decipher all of Ryans signing.

Drai knelt down, “I'm sorry little man, I'm not understanding all of what you are trying to tell me...”

Ryan starts over and Gracie watches quietly. When Ryan is done and Drai is no closer to understanding Gracie turns to him, curls bouncing and in perfect Elfish explains what Ryan wants.

“He wants you to be his partner in the Viking game the others are playing...” and Gracie points to the clearing where Tannr was hoisting Tomas to his shoulders and Tori had Chloe. The object was for the adults to somehow hang onto squirming children while they tried to rip one another off their perch on the adults shoulders. The game usually involved a pile of bodies on the ground with everyone laughing hysterically.

Tara and Mera dash up the deck stairs, Tara claiming Raina as partner and Mera, Ky. Drai grins and hefts Ryan to his shoulders. “Are you ready? We cant let the girls win..”

Gracie sighs, but doesnt want to join in. She tended to shy away from the other childrens rough housing. Chiara noticed and held out a hand to the little girl. “Lets find a good safe spot to watch from....This game looks too rough for me...” Gracie is all smiles at the attention of someone else that doesnt want to play the rowdy game.

Star watches from the window as Erik lifts Ru and joins the others. She has to bite her tongue, worried that Ru is too young for such games with the bigger kids. Ob lifts Teri and soon the game is on....

Much later that night, Alise tucks her children in their beds. Her and Stoney had spoken to them of the prophecy and that many believed Ruarc was destined to fulfill it. Alise was not surprised that they had surmised much of it from the mental connection that the family had and then of course, shared it with the other children. Tomas said that Ryan knew of it, not so much from what his mother talked about but from what he overheard when held by the Drow. Stoney had stressed the importance of all the children to watch out for one another especially the younger ones.

Rowan had left for home after she was positive that Gunnaar was fine and just needed to rest. She had passed Patti on her way out and sighed to herself. His healing was going to take longer if he didnt get the rest he needed and the women from the tavern seemed set on keeping the big man awake.

Keon had been called away from the gathering to attend to some business with the Riders, so Tannr and Tori had stayed after the meeting to help Star and Eric clean up and settle the kids. Tannr carried Ru to his bed and the little boy was fast asleep in his uncles arms before he could walk from one room to the next.

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