Sunday, October 18, 2015

Waiting for Tori and Pandora to get the golems ready Drai effortlessly swings himself into the branches of a large maple tree. As he silently scans the tree line the fine red hairs on the back of his neck rise and he breathes deep through his nose. Something wasnt right and he forces down the tingle of panic beginning in his chest.

As he calms and centers his body, his mind races, the flaws in the plan making him edgy. Ruarc and Tomas were playing in the small clearing, their ruse at escaping Chiara and the other kids would be believable to anyone who didnt know them.

They are right where they are suppose to be... The warriors are in position on the other side of the clearing... Could the Drow be moving faster than Imp thinks? Wish was close by, her energy electric to those that could feel it but still something else makes Drai uneasy. If any one of Lilys bombs explodes too early we will lose the fae warriors...and the kids...

As Drai slips from his branch to a lower one a slight movement in the trees catches his eye. Drow! Damn it! Since when did the arrogant bastards use advance scouts.....

He slips silently from the tree and starts to move towards the boys, praying the Drow was a single scout.

Across the clearing K'thyri notices the movements of her brother. What is he up to? He is supposed to stay in the tree.... She signals to Keon who nods and she moves towards the clearing.

Drai makes his way through the overgrown brush and scrub trees when he notices the scout has gotten a glimpse of the boys and starts moving faster.

Shit, shit, shit... dont alert the rest of your foul smelling companions, not yet...gods, not yet...

Meanwhile the boys were oblivious, following a caterpillar and climbing over rocks. Suddenly Tomas senses something wrong, a stillness in the air, a silence that overcomes the small creatures, and he stands, scanning the treeline, looking for Wish or one of the warriors.

Drai is approaching fast and drawing his knife as he moves and praying that Ryan has taught Tomas enough sign language so that Drai can warn him and not alert any other Drow that might be close by.

Tomas sees Drai enter the clearing the same time he smells the Drow behind him and hears the low chuckle. He stiffens but does not turn, using his body to block Ruarc from the Drows gaze and weapons. His eyes meet Drais and Drai signals Duck! And as he pulls his arm back Tomas quickly lowers his body over Ruarcs, the heavy double bladed knife whizzes right over his head and lands with a 'thunk' in the Drows throat. A geyser of foul smelling blood and the Drow seems to fall over in slow motion, almost dead as he hits the ground, unable to make a sound to alert his troop.

Ky bursts into the clearing and before she can say anything Drai holds a finger to his mouth. “Help me move the body..” he whispers. “The others will be looking for this one...”

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