Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chaton? What is wrong? Why are you so angry?

Alise responds in french and so angry she stomps her foot, making Stoney grin. She quickly explains where she and the children are and what has happened. Stoney sends calming images, and Alise can feel him rubbing her back. He speaks softly in her mind until she can breathe normally and calm down.

It happens Chaton. Remember the womans hospital in Paris? Many left their babies there. I know leaving her in the woods is different, but people do strange things when they feel desperate and alone. ..
Stoney was angry as well, but at least the little one had found a loving home. Star and Erik were wonderful parents and the child would have a happy place to grow up in.

Alsie nods, letting the others in the group know she had been 'speaking' to her husband. Her eyes move to her children, still not understanding how any woman could leave her baby alone. Tomas had taken a seat as close to Erik as he could get. He asks quietly,

“Can I hold her Uncle Erik? I be careful.”

Erik carefully places Nadia in Tomas arms, and the little boy speaks softly to her, telling her about all the fun things the children get to do and that soon there would even be a new school for them.

Alise smiles, Remi? Are you seeing this? I think our Tomas has just lost his heart to this little one....

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