Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tori stretches. Sunlight still blazes over the rooftops, but Tori has found herself changing back from stone earlier and earlier. The smell of eggs and coffee tickles her nose, but it is the scent of her man that makes her breathe deep. Soft kisses trail over sher still scaled shoulder and she moans.

"Evening Red."

The words are a soft caress along the shell of her reformed ear. She shudders and his hands circle her waist, drifting up to cup her small breasts. His thumbs stroke gently, drawing her nipples into hard peaks. His deep chuckle slides along her spine. Butterflies take wing in her stomach.

I like being in your mind when we make love...

She moans again, knowing Tannr felt her reactions as much as she could feel his. She can feel the heaviness, the ache of being fully aroused. She feels Tannr pick up on her knowledge and yelps as he suddenly pulls her back off the pedestal and bends her over it.

Didn't see that coming, did you?

His hand slides between her legs and finds her more than welcoming. Tori moans again as he plunges two fingers deep.


His smile wraps itself around her mind and Tannr plunges deep. She screams, bucking back hard as his silence is broken by a deep groan. A few thrusts later, Tannr is urging her up on her knees, the pedestal raising her just enough for better thrust. Tannr's hands slide along her body until he is gripping her hips. He shudders as Tori pulses around him, inner muscles sucking, milking his engorged length. Each pulse echoes through him, into her, and back, multiplying the sensations. It isn't long before both are screaming as they crash over the edge, oblivious to anything but the overwhelming shared orgasm.

Tannr wraps his arms around Tori, shifting until her head is pillowed on his hard chest. He tugs at a nipple and kisses her damp hair.

"I think we need a shower..."

Tori grins. "Really? Damn Coppertop... I thought sex was better when the people involved are single... Nearly a month married and it is only getting better."

His chest rumbles as Tannr laughs. "Babe, no wonder Ob and Stoney are so in love with their wives. If this is what they discovered when they tied the knot..." At Tori's groan, he laughs. "You know damn well they all saw the bit at the pool. I felt Ob throwing up walls. Stoney too. Just glad Raina and Erik don't share a link with us. Besides... I want a repeat of the pool... Your mouth is amazing," He kisses her gently, tracing her lips with his tongue. "but couple that with the water jets... and the feel of you all wet and slippery... Now I know what Keon finds so appealing about Water People. You make one sexy water nymph."

Tori moans at the thought. Memories of Tannr holding her spread eagle in front of a water jet, his hands supporting her thighs to keep her legs wide. The sensation was amazing, her head resting against his chest as the water caressed her, teasing her clit gently, flowing over her tight bud when Tannr began to play, fingers teasing her sex, exploring her tight sphincter. It wasn't until she was positioned over the edge of the pool, jet blowing directly on her cunt, that she became aware of what he was doing. His mouth explored her completely, teasing from clit to ring and back until she was writhing form the dual sensations.

His tongue became more firm and aggressive as he held her over the jet. Hard laps at her clit were followed by stiff thrusts at her tight backdoor. Tori's moans, egged him on and soon she could feel his tongue thrusting harder, rubbing her clit, dipping in her slit and forcing into her ass. She tried to move, to buck back at him, but Tannr held her fast. She whimpered when his mouth moved away, but reached back to spread her cheek wider when she felt his fingers pressing in. Tori lost herself, screaming for more as his finger went deep. Tannr had laughed, a low masculine sound of pleasure and Tori started to spasm. Holder her over the jet with one hand, Tannr guided himself to her tight ring and started to pres himself into her. Tori rolled her hips as best she could, thanking the Gods for the shallow end of the pool. Tannr spread his feet slightly, rolling his own his and felt her ring give. He stopped, cock head just inside her, and panted, trying to keep control.

Tori wriggled and Tannr thrust deep, She screamed and he stopped, thinking he hurt her. Her mind flooded his, giving him sensations of what she was feeling. Tannr's breathe left him in a rush and he rammed into her, the sound of his thighs slapping hard into her asscheeks lost in the sound of the motor and moving water. It didn't matter. The sound was there, echoing in their minds, just like the feeling of him in a tight hot grip and her feeling of being totally stretched, nearly painfully so, as a continual stream of water pounded her clit. Minds entwined, Tannr, shifted, groaning as Tori screamed in pleasure. His body pinned hers to the side of the pool, pussy directly over the jet. Tori tossed her head, grinding back against him.

Brace your hands.

He felt her concede and pulled back slightly. The sensation had them both groaning. Tannr only kept standing by sheer willpower. Tori lost it on the first hard thrust. Her orgasm roared through Tannr and he rode the crest, using it to fuel his own need to claim her. Every pulse added to his thrust until her was nearly lifting her out of the pool. He felt another wave building in her and tanr reach under her to find her clit. His legs were shaking, his balls painfully tight. He need to feel her cumming again. Just one more time...

As his thumb found her clit, Tori bucked into his hand. He caught his breath as her ass clamped down around him yet again. This time only the head of his cock was still inside her. She shuddered, rolled her hips, impaling herself on his fingers. Keeping his fingers deep, cupping her so he could press the palm of his hand tightly over her swollen clit, Tannr rocked forward, embedding himself in her forbidden channel. Tori screamed in pain and pleasure, Tannr echoing her as his cock was sucked dry. It was an eternity, yet timeless, as his balls forced jet after jet up her hot ass.

Tori's fingernails scrape along his abs as a whimper escapes at the memory. Tannr moans, cock jerking in response to both her nails and the shared memory. He surges to his feet, sweeping her up in his arms.

"Damn it woman... You make it hard to do anything but fuck you senseless."

Tori grins up at him, emerald eyes flickering with red flames. "That a problem. Coppertop?"

His fingers press between her thighs as he carries her to the shower. Each teasing touch makes her squirm. "Nope..."

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