Thursday, October 15, 2015

Alise turns to say something to her husband when she gasps and drops her drink on the ground next to her.

Mon Dieu....

The images in her mind make her gasp then smile. Two bodies, one slim and pale, the other muscular and tanned, entwined in the grass, the full moon lighting the scene.

Alises lavender eyes go dark as amethysts and her hand moves to the base of her throat.

Allie, are you all right? Stoney grins, having a pretty good idea of what happened.

Alise nods when suddenly a moan escapes from her mouth. Her eyes go even wider and her hand moves quickly to cover her mouth.

“I think I must go check on the children...” Alise stands, her knees suddenly weak, and hurries across the street to the tavern.

I will join you shortly mon dresse.... Stoneys eyes dark and filled with desire as he watches the sway of his wifes hips.

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