Thursday, October 15, 2015

After a long shower Tori follows Tannr into the kitchen, her stomach growling loudly.

Tannr laughs, “Just give me a minute Red and I'll have this ready...”

Tori reaches for plates and silverware and moves to set the table while Tannr finishes cooking. Setting down the dishes she sees a large box on the table. A note attached says 'With Love from both our families. Star and Stoney.”
Coppertop... when did this package come? What is it?”

It was left in the Gallery so I brought it up earlier. I think its probably a wedding gift.” Tannr steps out of the kitchen and comes up behind Tori. “Open it. I have been wondering about it ever since I saw the box in the Gallery...”

Grinning, Tori slowly unwraps the package and opens the box. She gasps as she lifts out a statue, obviously her brothers work. Setting it on the table tears well up and even Tannr is moved by the beauty of the piece. Stoney had brought to life their wedding day, Tori in her pale green gown and Tannrs highwayman look. Tori was looking up at Tannr, his hands holding hers between them, both smiling softly. Star had painted the statue once Stoney was finished and the result was exquisite.

By all the Gods, I cant believe how lifelike this is... its incredible...” Tannr touches it lightly, afraid of somehow damaging the gift.

Tori can only nod as tears overtake her. Tannr wraps his arms around her, knowing she is a woman of deep emotion although she rarely shows it.

Its the most beautiful piece of art I have even seen. Your family has been so wonderful, Raina letting us use her house, the help with the wedding and now this... I can see Stars imprint all over it... “

Your family too Red. We need to go offer our thanks for this in person I think...”

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