Thursday, October 15, 2015

The sound of music drifts through the trees. Some tunes rock, others drift softly. romantically. People walking in other parts of the Park smile, remembering their own weddings, or wishing they were part of the group hidden somewhere deeper in the trees. Those who try to follow the music always end back where they started, or atleast a little down the path they were following.

A few shake their heads and continue on their way. Some mutter about old stories and faery misdirections. Still others just enjoy the night, dancing where they are. One elderly couple stop in the middle of a pebble path waltz to an old song. Unseen by all but the few fae hidden among the branches of a weeping willow, the years seem to drop from them. When the song ends, they walk on. With each step, the years slowly creep back into their being, but a liveliness of step, an aura of youth, remains. The fae nod in approval, knowing the recaptured vitality would stay with them for their remaining days.

The three Crows sit on a branch, dangling feet swinging in time to a song as People dance to celebrate their friend's wedding. Long dark hair sways, as they nod in tempo, fingers tapping out the rythm. It isn't long before they drop to the ground and join a group of Tori's kids where they stand clustered in the shadows. The tallest of the trio takes the hand of a younger girl and leads her out on the open green. He begins to move to the music, making her laugh, and encouraging her to do the same. Several others join them, all watching for any signs of disapproval from the other guests. Meeting only smiles, the kids let go their wariness and join in the fun.

Tori kisses Tannr gently and nods in their direction. His eyes follow hers, and he hugs her close. Have they eaten yet?

Ike catches the thought and drifts by one still watching the night shrouded trees. As she leans against a thick trunk, Miko buzzes from the tree to settle on her shoulder. The youth glances their way, then back into the darkness.

The fair Gargoyle lets out a loud burp and the kid jumps.

"Oops... sorry... The food is great... did you get any?" He shakes his head, turning back to watch the darkness. "You do know the demifae are patrolling the woods, right?"

The kid nods, still saying nothing. Another drops from the tree, landing nearly at Ike's feet. "Why?"

"It is a gift from the Demifae to Tori and Tannr. They are making the wedding safe from any intruders. Anyone not on their "list" will find their steps led back to their original path. If there are any that are questionable, Miko is brought a message and he checks them out. Tori wants you all to enjoy yourselves. That's why none of you are on Patrols tonight."

The two streetkids look at their friends dancing in the clearing. Miko buzzes for attention. "It ees as she says, muchacho. Check with Tori if you don't beleeve us, Or if not Tori, Lord Blackthorn ees covering security. Talk weeth the Heemself..." The Demifae turns to look where Keon is, swaying slightly. He grabs a hank of Ike's hair and points. "He ees over th.. there..."

The one who dropped from the tree slips through the crowd. He waits quietly until Keon turns to him. Moments later he is back, whispering in his friend's ear. The two grin at Ike before taking off. They watch as the duo stops with others, spreading the word. The kids begin to drift to the food tables, filling plates and then finding places on the ground to sit.

Miko leans close to Ike's ear. "They can seet at the tablessss..."

Ike laughs. "Aye, but they are used to doing things their own way." Miko hiccups. "Miko... are you drunk?"

The Demifae warrior lifts from her shoulder, wings buzzing erratically. "Si... but onlee a leetle.... onlee a leetle.. bit. Ees good honey..."

With that he drifts toward the gardens and curls up in an open flower. Moments later the Demifae is fast asleep.

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