Thursday, October 15, 2015

Alise dabs at her eyes as she watches Tannr and Tori, gently swaying to music that no one else could hear. Stoney leans close, his arm draped around the back of her chair.

Chaton? Tears? This is a happy day.

It is... I am just so happy for Tori. She deserves this.... and so does Tannr...

Stoney nods and kisses the top of Alises head, inhaling softly. The faint smell of wildflowers cause a soft “mmmm...” and gets Alise smiling again.

Another round of toasts and Stoney fills the glasses again.

I think I will go talk to Raina...excuse me for a bit, mon amour?”

Stoney nods and pulls her chair out. Have you told her we have been talking about her party?

No, not yet. But I will...

Alise heads over to Rainas table to speak to her, champagne in hand. She sends to Stoney, Mon Dieu...I think I have had enough to drink...but this champagne is heavenly...

She can hear Stoney chuckle, It is fine Chaton... I will carry you home and ravage you....

You would take advantage of your poor wife that has had a bit too much wine??

YES! I would...and plan to...

Alise laughs at the teasing as she winds her way through the tables. Just as she gets to Nick and Raina one of the college shifters bumps into her in his hurry to get closer to the music. Alise lands with a definite 'plop' on Nicks lap.

To what do I owe this pleasure?” Nick drawls.

Oh! How rude. Hello Nicholas..” Alise's voice was low and sexy when she said Nicks name. Raina reaches over and runs a hand through the straight golden tresses.

Isnt this gorgeous Nick? Like liquid gold....” Raina purrs and her green eyes narrow as strokes Alises hair, reminding Nick of a large cat.

Alise squirms a bit in Nicks lap, twisting so she can face Raina. Nicks eyebrow raises, causing Rainas smile to get a little bigger. Raina pulls Alise closer and kisses her, slowly, thoroughly, and Nicks eyebrow shoots up farther.

Umm...shouldnt you get up before that big gargoyle of yours, and may I repeat big, comes over here to drag you off my lap...”

Alise laughs, “oh, he would not do such a thing, Nicholas..”

The way she said his name was driving him crazy, let alone the pressure in his lap, and the absolutely gorgeousness of the woman herself...

He knows we are friends.” Alise starts to slide off his lap, causing even more reaction from Nick, one that he hoped not everyone at the party could see. Before she stands she leans in close, so close he can feel her breath and faintly feels the movement of her lips right next to his.

After Rainas party I hope that we are even better friends...” Alise slips off his lap and heads towards Stoney, sitting with a group of Riders.

Nick swallows hard and Raina tries, mostly unsuccessfully, to stifle her giggles, the look on Nicks face rare and priceless.

Did you hear what she said?

Raina nods, unable to speak for fear of laughing out loud.

Nick flashes her a warning look. "Don't laugh. Remember, I know where you sleep."

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