Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rowan smiles as she heads to the rear of the tent where her table is set up. The gathering was stalling, giving Tannr and Tori a few moments alone.

As Toris arms go around Tannrs neck he lifts her and spins her around, his laughter a sound of joy and happiness. He sets her down and tips her chin.

“Red....I love you so much...”

Tori smiles and grabs the front of Tannrs jacket. “Me too... me too...”

Their kiss is interrupted by a soft “Ahem...” and Rowan standing nearby.

“I hate to bother you, but if we dont get these papers signed Alise is going to have to leash the children.”

Once the couples signatures are in place along with Ikes and Eriks as witness, Alise nods to the kids who make a beeline down the aisle and straight into Tannrs and Toris arms. Family follows and friends wanting to offer congratulations to the new couple.

Suddenly heads turn at K'thyri's squeal of happiness. Inari had arrived and the friends had not seen each other in some time. Inari wraps her arms around the slim wyldfae and laughs.

“Your hair! Its gorgeous... How have you been? Staying out of trouble?”

“Never!” Ky grins and stands back to take a look at her friend. “You've been fighting... tell me everything...”

“I will. Let me offer my congratulations and then we can talk.”

It took some time, but finally everyone heads to the tables, the smells from Montys cooking making everyone hungry.

Tori had decided against a traditional reception and a clearing in the park was set up with round tables. Tannr and Tori sharing a smaller table in the center, so they could be surrounded by family and friends, not sitting in front of everyone at a 'head table'. Flowers in vases on all the tables and the soft lighting gave the dinner an intimate feel. Demifae flitted from flowers to plants and back again, some wanting to see Tori up close, her dress grabbing their attention.

Mya whispers to Star. “Young ones think dress is living plant..” and she giggles softly then flits away with Imp. Pandora had set up tiny tables in the bushes with several plates of different kinds of honey. Even the demifae would enjoy the evenings celebration.

Ramji had made a few Greek dishes and everyone had chipped in something. The food and drink was an eclectic blend of all the races and nationalities present giving everyone a taste of old favorites and a chance to try something new.

Once the champagne glasses are filled, Erik stands and lifts his glass towards his brother and new wife. "To my brother and his Chosen - long life and happiness so long as life shall last! Skoal!

I'm a man of few words, not comfortable with public speaking, so let me be brief. Tannr, you're the best brother and the finest friend a man could have. I hope always to have a friend like you at my back when I have need. Tori - I haven't known you very long, but I see in you a sense of duty and a sense of justice that bodes well for my brother" - he smiles - "and the strength to put him on his ass when he gets out of line. Happiness to you both, and my speech making is done... thank the gods."

Tannr raises his glass, “To family..” kisses Tori and takes a long drink of mead.

Tori sends, Take it easy on that stuff Coppertop, I have plans for you later....

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