Thursday, October 15, 2015

The children play just outside the open windowa as the adults inspect the inside of the old servants' quarters. It is spacious, but needed a good scrubbing. Ob listens with only half his attention. The other half is on the children. Stoney and Keon join him at the window while the women discuss with Erik what needs to be inspected for repairs. Guunnar and Ramji have already escaped to put tarps over the piles awaiting sorting or restoring.

The girls are playing a game of tag, chasing back and forth over trimmed grass. Suddenly Tara stops, waves, and then runs in another direction. Mera nearly collides with her, veering at the last minute. She chases after Tara until she catches her. The girl's collapse in a laughing heap, Chloe and Gracie flopping down beside them.

"Who'd ye wave to?" Mera's voice is breathless from all the running. "Wasna a fae. I didna see any."

Tara smiled. "Onca Mortuis. He is watching us play."

Mera pouts, "I didna see him. Yer teasing me."

Tara shrugs. "He is there. You just can't see him."

A shadow slides over the clearing and the kids girls look up just in time to see Tori swoop Tomas out of the sky. The girl's scream and run pell mell to where their aunt lands and folds away her wings. They disappear from sight and Chloe ooo's.

"Will me and Tomi do that?"

"Do what Gitanilla?" Tori sets her giggling nephew on the ground.

"Make our wings hide?"

Tori shakes her head, "I don't know. I couldn't until I was over one hundred. Aunt Ike can only do it the last couple years. Only time will tell. Now, where are your parents?"

As the children lead her to the building, Tori nods over her shoulder. Tara looks up and takes her aunt's hand. Do you see him too Tante Tori?

See who, Tara?
The Gargoyle smiles and winks. Tara winks back. No one. Is a secret?

Tori herds the children along. She bites her lip in thought. Yes... Can you keep it?

Tara gives her big innocent eyes. I keep secrets real good.

The sound of an engine makes heads turn. Tori's jeep pulls into the clearing. Tori waits as the children surge toward the now parked vehicle. Cries of "Onca Tannr!" fill the air.

Tori touches his mind with hers, knowing she wouldn't have been heard over the din even if she tried. You're early, Coppertop.

Got off early. Did they leave anything for me to do?

No idea, Just got here myself. Herd them this way and we'll find out.

Tannr's arm slides around his wife's waist as the kids rush to the door screaming that their uncle and aunt have arrived.

Ob leans out the window and waves. "We're in here!"

Tannr and Tori move to join the group busy making plans for the children's schooling.

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