Thursday, October 15, 2015

Much later at the Tavern, Tannr and Tori meet Raina and Nick for drinks. As the couples slide into a booth Tori remarks on how quiet the Tavern seems.

We havent been gone that long...”

Yeah, it has been quiet lately, not sure why..” Raina glances around the room. No band tonight, just the jukebox playing and several couples swaying slowly to the music.

The couples share a bottle of wine and small talk. Tannr tries to thank Raina for letting him and Tori use the house for their honeymoon.

Raina shakes her head, “No thanks are needed. We were happy to do it. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves...”

Tori laughed softly, “That might be an understatement. Your house is amazing, and the”

Yeah, Gareth did an awesome job on that...” Raina winks at Tori and the women laugh. “So tell me how my oldest brother is...and Alise.... I havent seen anyone since the wedding.”

Erik is fine....its still so strange to see him settled down, with kids, a wife. Its almost hard to remember what an uptight ass he could be at times. Ru is growing and Mera is reading. We didnt see Keon, not sure what he's up to. Star is nursing a small fox back to health, caught in a trap I think she said."

Rania smiles, “Sounds like Star. She hasnt brought home any more children? I worry about her getting too close to the Drow, even with Pike going along with her.”

She didnt say, but she maybe wouldnt since she knows Erik doesnt approve. Alise and Stoney...” Tannr starts to laugh. “Their place is rowdy, bordering on madness...”

Raina leans into Nick and lets her brother talk. She can see how happy both he and Tori are, without even using any of her empathic abilities. It was easy to see their joy in each other and how much they both enjoyed their nieces and nephews.

Hey... we are meeting Gareth and Ky at our place, rented movies, not porn type movies actually...” Raina laughs. “Why dont you guys join us?”

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