Thursday, October 15, 2015

Marc has been in town getting supplies for the Ravens, for once not having to resupply in a war zone. His task complete, he packs the bags into the trunk of the rental and makes his way back to Rowan's place.

It takes a while to offload the bags, even with Rowan's help, but once done she leads him to the dining room where a modest but filling supper has been laid out. They talk while they eat, neither wanting to dwell on the fact that he has to leave in the morning.

When the meal is done and the dishes are soaking in the sink, Rowan comes to his arms, holds him close, her face against his. Her voice is low -

"Tonight you can have anything you want of me, any way you want it, all night long."

Marc pretends to think for a moment, but he already knows what he wants. Finally he speaks.

"I want you to undress, and I want to watch while you do; and unless you have to go out on an emergency call, I want you to remain undressed until I have to leave." His eyes are fierce hot slits. "I want to fill my eyes and my mind with the look of you all night long, when we're making love and when we're talking and when we're just together doing nothing. I want to burn your image, your memory into my brain so I can take it back to the Unformed Plane with me, to remember you so until I return."

Rowan's eyes are wet. "That's all? Really?"

"No, not all." - and his lips find hers.

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