Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stoney leans silently against the door frame, watching Alise with the children. She was sitting on the floor with her guitar and the girls were singing as Tomas was curled in his mamans lap, tired from his adventures with Ryan.

His heart swells with love for his family as he looks at the scene. Suddenly Gracie realizes her papa is awake and with a happy squeal she runs to him, curls bouncing and eyes bright with happiness. Then it is Taras turn and Stoneys laugh is one of deep content. He turns to look for Tomas but he is still in Alises lap.

Mon amour, he is fast asleep. Can you move him? He almost goes to stone and I cannot lift him and I do not want to leave him on the floor. Maybe we can put him close to the fire?” Alise asks.

Stoney nods and lifts the little boy and Alise moves some cushions, making a soft bed near the fire. He gently lays his son down and brushes a lock of golden hair away from his eyes.

So much like you, Alise....”

Well, I wish I had that ones energy. He and Ryan have worn themselves out today. I hope he wakes when Tannr and Tori come over. He would be disappointed to miss them.”

I think he will. He is not that deep asleep, just recharging his batteries..” Stoney says with a grin.

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