Thursday, October 15, 2015

I excuse myself and walk over to where my roommates have congregated near the bar.

I begin without preamble, not wanting to be drawn into a lengthy conversation. "Forgive me... it appears I won't be returning to the Club, at least not for what may turn out to be several hours."

For some reason, this doesn't seem to come as a surprise....

Raina grins. "Another shifter girl?"

"No... there's a young man here tonight, one of Tori's street kids, I think... at any rate, I don't think I've ever seen him before. He has come to me as one seeking my counsel."

Now Nick grins. "On his knees... or does that come later?"

"I fear it is not a matter for jest. This young man is sorely confused and he would have words with someone who will listen and not judge. He was more of half a mind to speak to you, Nick, but he's just a little bit afraid of you, I can't imagine why. Apparently I am... approachable."

K'thyri pipes up then. "In that case, I'm gonna hang out with Inari, it's been forever since we had a chance to talk."

I bend to kiss her gently. "Take care how much you drink, lover."

"Not to worry. Horse is here; he can get me home regardless of my condition."

"Then I will see you later tonight, or perhaps in the morning." I turn to go, but Nick's voice brings me up short.

"Hey! What's the kid's problem?"

I turn and step closer to the group, my voice deliberately low. "He thinks he may be gay."

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