Thursday, October 15, 2015

Laila watches the couple leave, their joy obvious to everyone present. 

Ramji leans close and whispers to her, “Is that what you want, Mela?”

With a shrug and then a grin Laila says, “I dont know. My life seems perfect as it is...” Her gaze takes in the sleepy little ones, the pile of socks and shoes and toys, her friends and finally her lover. “I dont want to change a thing right now...” She kisses Ramji until Gunnaar starts to tease.

You must realize by now we Riders share everytink...everyti...” A loud burp has everyone laughing.

Ramji claps Gunnaar on the back, “Not this woman. Sorry my brother.”

Ist not fair....” Gunnaar looks glum until Laila brings him another glass of mead, then he is all smiles again and toasting everyone and everything.

Near the band Rowan and Marc are swaying to the music. He pulls her close and buries his face in her neck.

Mmm Priestess, what you do to me..”

Rowan pulls back slightly and lowers her head, a faint blush stealing over her cheeks when she realizes others are watching.

What?” Marc lifts his head and looks around. “Who cares what they think? Anyway I think the cat has left the bag...”

Rowan bursts out laughing. “The cat is out of the bag, is what I think you were trying to say.” Rowan runs a hand across a strong jaw line, “But you are right. Who cares? This is where I want to be right now...”

Marc grins and pulls her even closer, their bodies molding perfectly together. 

Inari and K'thyri watch from their table on the edge of the gathering. Inari had filled Ky in on the battles and some of the goings on at court. Not that Inari was ever there much, still preferring to be in battle than bowing and dressing in silks and satins. Ky laughed at her stories and they caught up on each others news. 

Ky finally asks, “So, why are you really here? Taking a liking to weddings one of a sudden?”

No, not at all.” Inari says with a grin. “Imp has brought me some information. But now does not seem like a good time to share, everyone is enjoying the evening, I dont want to ruin it for Star. She will be upset and rightly so...”

Inari went on to explain to K'thyri all that Imp had found out in his last trip to Underdark.

That evil fucking cow.... how could anyone do such a thing? Breed up a monster warrior? Who in the hell would agree to such a thing?”

My guess is there was no agreeing to anything. Ardara gives orders and many are more than willing to follow those orders. 

When do you plan to tell them? They have to know...."

"Tomorrow is soon enough... this is a day of celebration. I don't want to spoil it with such news as this."

Ky nods then grins suddenly. "Hey, we're going to be having another party soon... you should come if you get the chance."

"Someone having a birthday?" Inari asks.

Ky's grin widens. "No, it's not that kind of party...." She lowers her voice and the rest of the conversation is inaudible.

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